Long Story Short: Do Purple Mattresses Sag Prematurely: Yes, Purple Mattresses do sag faster than other mattresses,

so there are ways to protect the purple mattress from sagging which are using mattress topper, rotating your mattress once in a 3 months and more…

If you are considering buying a purple mattress then you need to know everything about purple mattresses, 

Because a purple mattress can be an expensive investment.

Do Purple Mattresses Sag Prematurely?

All mattresses sag overtime but purple mattresses can sag faster than all mattresses, especially for the heavy sleeper.

It’s normal for all mattresses to sag over time because regular wear or tear can tend to mattress to sag prematurely.

So if you are using a purple mattress then you need to know all hacks and tricks to prevent the purple mattress from sagging.

Let’s get started.

What is Sagging Exactly?

Sagging is nothing but the result of wear or tear to your mattress.

The foam material used in purple mattresses tends to soften over time as they are exposed to pressure from the sleeper’s body. 

And over time the softening of foam result in sagging and provides less support and comfort.

Do Purple Mattresses Sag Prematurely?

Do Purple Mattresses Sag Prematurely

Yes, purple mattresses do sags faster than other types of mattresses so you need to prevent your purple mattress from any wear or tear.

Especially if you are a heavy sleeper then a purple mattress can sag after only 1 year.

And if your bed starts to sag then it won’t be comfortable and supportive for your body.

You can have back, neck, hip, and other pains if you sleep on a mattress that is sagging.

Sagging is one of the common problems in purple mattresses.

And don’t think that purple mattresses will sag only if you are a heavy sleeper because most of the complaints of customers who used purple mattresses are medium weight people.

That means even for an average-weight sleeper purple mattress is sagging prematurely.

Purple claims that their mattress can hold up to 600 pounds of weight but it isn’t true because purple mattresses also sag for an average-weight sleeper.

That means if you don’t prevent your purple mattress from sagging then your mattress can sag after only 1 year of use.

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How to Prevent Purple Mattress From Sagging?

As I said before, if you do not prevent your purple mattress from sagging then your purple mattress can starts sagging.

So here are some ways to prevent sagging in purple mattresses.

Way 1: Use a Mattress Topper

Using a mattress topper not only makes your purple mattress more comfortable but also prevents sagging.

The mattress topper will create an additional layer on your mattress and also protects the mattress from any wear or tear which will lead to sagging.

You can get a latex mattress topper or foam mattress topper for your purple mattress.

And mattress topper can also be used if your mattress is already started sagging.

Way 2: Rotate Your Mattress

The main reason why purple mattress sags is because sleepers always put more weight on some parts of the mattress.

Regularly rotating your purple mattress will prevent the purple mattress from premature sagging.

You can rotate the purple mattress once or twice in 6 months.

And rotating your purple mattress will allow the heavier parts of your body to rest on areas of the purple mattress that are not sagging.

But please don’t flip the purple mattresses because purple mattresses are not designed for double sides.

Way 3: Change Your Position

Changing and switching your position on a purple mattress is another effective solution for preventing sagging in a purple mattress.

Because sleeping in one position for months can create more pressure on one part of the purple mattress.

And switching positions on the purple mattress ensures maximum weight distribution.

Way 4: Use Extra Pillows

If your purple mattress starts to sag then as the temporal solution you can use extra pillows and place them in areas where sagging occurs.

And people like me love to sleep with a pillow underneath their hips back and legs.

And using pillows on your mattress can also distribute weight in the purple mattress and prevents the purple mattress from sagging.

Does Purple Provides Warranty on Sagging?

The purple mattress offers 10 years of warranty that cover two things.

Indentation should not be more than an inch deeper and cracks on the foam.

So as soon as your purple mattress starts sagging, you need to file a claim for a return.

So they will either send a new purple mattress or send a repair cost.

But there are lots of conditions applies to the purple mattress warranty so make sure you follow and know their conditions.

Because suppose if you use a purple mattress on an inadequate frame then you have voided the purple mattress’s warranty.

What is Right Time to Replace Saggy Purple Mattress?

Before you fix a sagging purple mattress, you need to also know when is the right time to replace the sagging mattress.

Because sleeping on the saggy purple mattress can hurt your body in long term.

If your purple mattress is not older than 5 years then you don’t need to fix the sagging of the purple mattress because the purple mattress has a lifespan of 10 years.

And if your purple mattress is new and starts sagging and not more than an inch then immediately contact the purple support team and return or replace your mattress.

But if you have more than an inch sagging in your purple mattress then use a mattress topper for making your purple mattress comfortable.

And if your purple mattress has more than 3 inches of sagging then it’s time to replace your mattress because you can’t fix sagging more than 3 inches.

Final Words

If you are considering buying a purple mattress then don’t because the purple mattress starts sagging after one year of use.

But if you already bought a purple mattress then as soon as you notice sagging in your mattress, claim for replacement.

And if your purple mattress has sagged more than an inch then you can use the mattress topper and rotate your mattress once in 6 months for preventing sagging and make your mattress comfortable for sleep.

Sagging problem in purple mattress is pretty common, so if you are considering buying a purple bed then don’t because there are better alternative available.

If you have any questions regarding purple mattress sagging then you can ask them in the comment section of this article.