If you are considering buying an Avenco mattress and wondering about fiberglass in avenco mattresses then you are on the right article.

Does Avenco Mattress Have Fiberglass?

Yes, Avenco has fiberglass in their mattresses, they use fiberglass as a flame retardant in their mattresses to make their mattresses safe from fire.

But Avenco mattresses are transparent with their customers and openly claim that their mattresses have fiberglass.

So now what? Why does Avenco Use Fiberglass in their mattresses? Where exactly does Avenco Put fiberglass in their mattress? 

Should you buy Avenco Mattresses after knowing about fiberglass?

What are avenco mattresses made of? Is it worth buying an avenco mattress?

If you have these types of questions then don’t worry, we got you covered.

First, let’s start with what is fiberglass and why 80% of mattress brands use fiberglass.

What is Fiberglass & Why do mattress Brands use them? 

Fiberglass is a cheap flame retardant used by most mattress brands to make their mattresses safe from fire.

Fiberglass is just plastic reinforced with toxic materials.

Fiberglass is a very toxic and harmful material used in 80% of mattress brands.

But why do this 80% of mattress brands use fiberglass if it’s not safe?

According to Federal law of commission, any mattress brands selling their mattresses in the united states must need to have flame retardant to make their mattresses safe from fire.

So every mattress brand must need to follow these regulations.

And fiberglass is the cheapest flame retardant to make their mattresses safe from fire.

Because other materials like wool, natural latex, rayon, and other natural materials can be expensive.

And most mattress brands in the united states offer only affordable mattresses, and if they use these natural materials as flame retardants then they have to increase their prices.

And these brands don’t want to raise their prices.

That’s why 80% of mattress brands use fiberglass as a cheap alternative to make their mattresses safe from fire.

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Does Avenco Mattress have fiberglass?

Yes, avenco uses fiberglass as a flame retardant in their mattresses to follow the rules and regulations of the government.

And avenco puts fiberglass beneath the cover of their mattress.

Why Avenco Mattress uses Fiberglass?

Avenco Offers affordable mattresses, and if they use natural materials instead of fiberglass then they have to raise their prices because natural flame retardants are really expensive.

But they are transparent with their customers not like vibe, lucid, zinus, and nectar which hides that their mattress has fiberglass and fools their customers.

Where Avenco Mattresses are made?

Avenco Manufactures their mattresses in Malaysia or Vietnam. So avenco mattresses are not made in the USA.

But avenco has been approved by CertiPUR-US.

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Should You Buy Avenco Mattress?

Before you ask this question, let’s know what’s inside avenco mattress and what they are made from.

What are avenco mattresses made of?

Avenco mattresses offer both hybrid and foam mattresses.

Avenco mattress has 4 layers.

They have 10-inch and 12-inch mattresses in their product lines.

The layers are the same in both sizes but the top two layers are thick in a 12-inch avenco mattress.


The cover of the avenco mattress is breathable, soft, and thin. And consists of stretch knit fabric.

This cover is anti-bacterial and dust-mite resistant.

First layer

The first top layer of the avenco mattress is gel-infused memory foam that gives a cooling effect and does not trap any heat in memory foam.

This layer supports the sleeper and relieves pressure points.

Second Layer

The second layer of the avenco mattress consists of poly foam which acts as a transitional layer in this mattress.

This layer provides extra cushioning and support.

Third & Fourth Layer

The third layer and fourth layer of the avenco mattress work together as a support core in this mattress.

These two layers are identical and have high-density polyfoam.

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Buying Avenco Mattress worth the money?

Other then fiberglass, avenco mattress is the best investment for your sleep.

They offer great quality and affordability.

And if you really wanted to buy an avenco mattress,

then as long as you don’t open its cover then you can buy an avenco mattress.

But I recommend do not purchase avenco mattresses because they have fiberglass.

And having fiberglass in mattresses is the only enough reason not to buy an avenco mattress.

Because fiberglass in mattresses really dangerous.

Is Fiberglass Really a Big Deal?

Yes, fiberglass in mattresses is a really big deal. Don’t take fiberglass lightly because fiberglass can destroy your health.

Lots of people take fiberglass very lightly then they face dangerous consequences.

So let’s take an example.

Avenco mattresses have fiberglass, and after reading this blog post,

Still, You purchased an avenco mattress and you used it for months and after some time accident happens,

Like some sharp object tears down the cover of your mattress.

Then after some time, fiberglass comes out of your avenco mattress and spread all over your bedding.

And once the fiberglass comes in contact with your body then you can have major health symptoms.

Symptoms like breathing problems, asthma, nose irritation, skin irritation, throat irritation, and sometimes even nose bleeding,

And this is not the end because if the fiberglass particles come in contact with air then they can spread all over your house.

All members of your family can have the same symptoms and this will make it impossible for your to remove fiberglass from your house without the help of an expert.

So fiberglass in mattresses is so dangerous, and you need to stay away from mattresses that have fiberglass in them.


Avenco mattresses have fiberglass and I know they are transparent with their customers but that doesn’t mean you should buy their mattress.

Because fiberglass in a mattress isn’t safe and you can have dangerous health issues after some time if you use an avenco mattress.

You can find a better alternative to avenco mattresses which are 100% fiberglass free.