Dreamcloud mattress is one of the best and most popular mattresses in the united states.

If you are considering buying dreamcloud mattress and wanted to know if dreamcloud mattresses need a box spring then you are on the right article.

Does dreamcloud mattress need a box spring?

It doesn’t necessary to use box springs because you can place dreamcloud mattresses on any firm, solid surface like a bed frame or bed base.

Box springs are the oldest type of bed foundation so you don’t need them for advanced mattresses like dreamcloud mattresses.

But you can also use boxsprings but the problem with them is they make squeaky noises which can disturb your sleep.

The main question here is what kind of bedframe or bed foundation is best for dreamcloud mattress?

What kind of bed frameworks for Dreamcloud Mattress?

Dreamcloud mattresses are very compatible and can fit any type of surface.

That means you can adjust your dreamcloud mattress on any bedframe and foundation.

But which types of bedframes or foundations are best for dreamcloud mattress?

Dreamcloud mattress’s foundation and metal bedframes can work excellently on dreamcloud mattresses.

Metal bedframes and foundations have longer life than box springs.

Types of Bedframes & Foundation for Dreamcloud Mattress

does dreamcloud mattress need a box spring

Box spring isn’t the only best option for your dreamcloud because there are better options available for dreamcloud mattresses to make them look more attractive and comfortable.

1. Metal Frames

Metal frames are more comfortable and last longer than box springs.

Metal bedframes can add a more contemporary boho vibe to your bed and they are extremely affordable.

But metal frames come with slats or solid surface.

There are lots of options available in metal frames so you can choose by your choice.

2. Mattress Foundation

A Mattress foundation is a better option than box springs because mattress foundations don’t have springs.

The mattress foundation can be solid or made with wooden slats.

And wooden slats don’t have springs like box springs.

You can find options in slats like memory foam, latex, or a hybrid slatted foundation.

3. Adjustable beds

Adjustable beds are way better than box springs because they offer more comfort and you can also elevate your dreamcloud mattress according to your preference.

Adjustable beds can be a great foundation for your dreamcloud mattress.

They offer great and amazing features like massage features and many more.

Adjustable beds are best for people who have health issues or body pains.

Because adjustable beds can increase blood circulation and blood flow.

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Does Dreamcloud Mattress need a box spring?

No, dreamcloud mattress doesn’t require a boxspring because box springs are great for older types of beds.

And there are way better options available than box springs.

You can use mattress foundations, metal bedframes, or adjustable beds as foundations for dreamcloud mattress.

And box springs can create squeaky noise which can disturb your sleep.

Can you use Regular Bed Frames with Dreamcloud Mattress?

Yes, you can use any bed frame with dreamcloud mattress because dreamcloud mattress is compatible with any bedframes.

But don’t forget to select the right size of bed frame for your dreamcloud mattress.

Can I put DreamCloud mattress on floor?

No, you can’t put dreamcloud mattress directly on the floor because you will need a bedframe for your dreamcloud mattresses. 

Dreamcloud mattresses are designed to fit in any bedframe but this does not mean that you can put dreamcloud mattress on the floor and sleep on it.

Because if you put dreamcloud mattress on the floor and sleep on it then it can damage your dreamcloud mattress.

But if you want to put dreamcloud mattress on the floor for a while then you can put dreamcloud mattress on the floor but don’t put anything on it.

Are box springs necessary for Dreamcloud Mattress?

No, it’s not necessary to use a boxspring with dreamcloud mattress because box springs are for older types of beds.

And dreamcloud mattresses are modern types of beds and you can use better options than box springs like metal bedframes and adjustable beds.

They have a longer life and comfortable than traditional box springs.


Dreamcloud mattresses are one of the best mattresses in the united states.

They are very convenient and can adjust with any bedframes or foundation.

But dreamcloud mattress doesn’t require a box spring but you use box springs if you want.

But there are better options available than box spring like metal bedframes, adjustable beds, or strong mattress foundation which lasts longer than box spring.

Why I am not recommending using box springs because can create lots of squeaky noise if you use them.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can Dreamcloud mattress fit any bed frame?

Yes, dreamcloud mattress fits in any bedframe. Because they are designed to fits in any type of bedframe and foundation. But metal bedframes and mattress foundation adds more stability and support than box spring.