If you are considering buying a lull mattress then let me tell you first lull mattress is one of the best and most high-quality mattresses.

And they are also transparent with their customers.

So if you have questions like does lull mattress have fiberglass?

Then Yes, lull mattresses have fiberglass in some of their mattress models and they are openly accepting they have fiberglass in their mattresses.

Sorry to say you but yes, lull mattresses have fiberglass in their mattresses.

Not only lull there are more than 80% of mattress brands in unites states alone have fiberglass.

But which model of lull has fiberglass? Is fiberglass in the mattress can be a big deal? What lull mattress is made of?

Should I buy Lull Mattress after knowing it contains fiberglass?

If you have any of these questions then don’t worry we got you covered.

What is the lull mattress made of?

It’s really important for you guys to check what’s lull mattresses are made of before purchasing them.

The lull mattress is 10 inches thick and has a total of 3 layers.


The cover of the lull mattress is so soft & breathable. And allow you to sleep more comfortably on a lull mattress.

And the cover of the lull mattress is super thin and also it shouldn’t affect the feel of the mattress too much.

First Layer

The first layer of the lull mattress is 1.5 inches thick and consists of gel-infused memory foam.

Memory inside this layer will make you feel comfortable and supported and the gel inside the memory foam will allow you to sleep cooler.

Second Layer

The second layer of the lull mattress can also be called the middle layer and this layer acts as a transition layer in the mattress.

And this layer is 1.5 inches thick and consists of foam.

Third Layer

The third layer of the lull mattress can also be called the bottom layer.

And this layer provides support to the overall mattress.

This layer is 7 inches thick and consists of polyfoam.

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Does Lull Mattress Have Fiberglass?

does lull mattress have fiberglass

Yes, lull mattresses have fiberglass because lull uses fire-retardant socks which have a small amount of fiberglass. And lull officially confirms that they have used fiberglass in their mattress.

Where Lull Puts Fiberglass in their mattress?

Most mattress brands including lull put fiberglass beneath their cover.

And if fiberglass comes out of the cover then it can be really dangerous.

Lull has officially confirmed that they are using fire or flame-retardant socks to make their mattresses safe from fire.

And in flame retardant socks there is a small amount of fiberglass contains.

What is Fiberglass & Is it a big deal?

Fiberglass is a cheap flame retardant that makes mattresses safe from fire.

Fiberglass looks like white hair if you pick a bunch of them in your hands but I do not recommend touching fiberglass particles because they are too dangerous.

Why do mattress brands use fiberglass?

And 80% of the mattress brands use fiberglass in their mattress to follow the regulation of the federal law commission.

According to federal law commission, any mattress brands selling their mattresses in the united states must need to have flame retardants to make their mattresses safe from fire.

And fiberglass is the cheapest flame retardant so mattress companies use fiberglass to offer more affordable prices.

Is Fiberglass really dangerous?

Believe me, fiberglass is one of the most dangerous materials you can find in mattresses.

They can give you serious health issues.

Suppose you accidentally opened the cover of the mattress then fiberglass particles can come out of the mattress and spread over to your bed.

And if the fiberglass particles come in contact with your body then you can have major health symptoms like breathing problems, nose bleeding, throat irritation, skin irritation, and other dangerous symptoms.

And this is not the end because in the worst-case scenario if the fiberglass comes in contact with air then it can spread all over your house.

Each and every room can be full of fiberglass, and all of your family members can have the same symptoms.

So you need to stay away from mattresses that have fiberglass in them.

Should you Buy Lull Mattress after knowing Fiberglass?

After knowing the dangers of fiberglass if you still considering buying a lull mattress then you can purchase a lull mattress.

But don’t open its cover and put a mattress protector and mattress pad on your mattress.

Because this will prevent any stains or wear and tear.

And always try not to open or wash the cover of the lull mattress.

And if you use a waterproof mattress protector and if any accidents happen then you need to wash the only mattress protector.

But my recommendation will be not to buy a lull mattress because no matter what precautions you take, fiberglass will eventually come out.

And there are lots of mattress brands in the same price range so you need to find an alternative to a lull mattresses.

How to Find Fiberglass in Mattress (Step by Step)

If you are still not convinced and want to find out on your own then here are some proven and tested ways to find out fiberglass in any mattress.

Step 1: Check its Mattress Label

Nealy all mattress companies lists their ingredients list on their mattress label.

So you need to find out whether your mattress has fiberglass or not in your mattress’s label.

This is the easiest way to find fiberglass in a mattress.

And you can also find fiberglass on the lull mattress’s label.

And if don’t find the exact word fiberglass then look for similar words like glass fiber, silica, and other materials which are similar to fiberglass.

You can do a quick google search about those ingredients in your mattress label to see if your mattress has fiberglass or not.

Step 2: Check Made in USA

If your mattress does not have made in USA tag then there is a high chance that your mattress has fiberglass.

Because other than the USA, countries like China, India, and others manufacture cheap quality products.

And if your mattress brand is made in china then there is a high chance that your mattress has fiberglass in it.

Step 3: Check Online

If you couldn’t find fiberglass in the first 2 steps then you can check online that’s what you are probably doing right now.

And this is the most brilliant way to find fiberglass in any mattress.

You can find lots of articles around your mattress brands talking about the ingredients and materials inside your mattress brand.

Final Words

Lull mattresses do contain fiberglass in their mattress and they are also transparent with their customers.

Because lots of brands like nectar, vibe, zinus hides that their mattress has fiberglass in their mattress.

But this is different from the case of a lull because they are transparent.

But only if they are transparent that doesn’t mean they are safe.

Because they have fiberglass in their mattress which makes them harmful.