Long Story Short: Does Molblly Mattress Have Fiberglass: Yes, and No at the same time because some models of molblly Mattress does not contains fiberglass and some does which you will know in this article.

Molblly is another mattress brand offered by Wayfair, and this brand manufactures great, soft, and affordable mattresses.

But does molblly mattress have fiberglass?

Yes, some models from molblly have fiberglass and have fiberglass warning and removable cover.

When you google molblly mattress fiberglass then there are no better and more detailed results.

Because the people who are providing the answer to this question is the manufacturer selling on amazon and their sites.

But after some research and analysis over the web, I found that molblly mattresses have fiberglass.

How did I find Fiberglass in Molblly Mattress? Is it Dangerous? Should You Buy It? And How to find fiberglass in Molblly?

If you have these questions then don’t worry, we got you covered.

Let’s get started.

Does Molblly Mattress Have Fiberglass?

Does Molblly Mattress Have Fiberglass

Molblly is another mattress brand manufactured by Wayfair,

And Wayfair is known for manufacturing affordable and cheap mattresses and here are some models from Wayfair which has fiberglass.

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And after some digging about molblly I Found this.

Does Molblly Mattress Have Fiberglass

This detail is from Wayfair’s official website about molblly mattress.

This clearly stated that some models of molblly contain fiberglass because this model is different from molblly’s model which is on amazon.

That also means that some models of molblly contain fiberglass and some do not (according to the manufacturer).

Because there are not that much amount of reviews and all claims are made by manufacturers so we can’t just trust them.

But why molblly uses fiberglass on their mattresses?

How did We know Molblly Mattress Has Fiberglass?

Does Molblly Mattress Have Fiberglass

Here you can see that there is no mention that this mattress contains fiberglass on its official site.

But there is a fiberglass warning that you should not open the cover of the mattress.

And mattress brands put fiberglass beneath the cover of their mattresses.

So if any mattress brand has fiberglass then they have to give a fiberglass warning in their product description.

Because if you remove their cover then fiberglass particles may come out and affect your health and give you lots of health issues.

So if the molblly does not have fiberglass in their mattresses then there is no reason to give a warning like “do not remove or open the cover”.

Which clearly states that molblly mattress has fiberglass.

We will talk about some other factors and ways to find fiberglass in mattresses in a little bit.

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Why does Molblly Mattress Use Fiberglass?

Does Molblly Mattress Have Fiberglass

First, not only molblly but more than 80% of mattress brands use fiberglass, and it’s very common.

But why do these all brands use fiberglass if the fiberglass is really dangerous?

According to the federal law of commission, all mattress brands selling their mattresses in the united states must be fireproof.

This means it is a federal law that states the mattress needs to withstand fire for at least 30 seconds before it gets fired up.

And to follow these guidelines all mattress brands need to use flame retardant to make their mattresses fireproof.

There are two types of flame retardant, first is natural, and second is cheap.

Natural flame retardants like wool, latex, cotton, nylon, and other natural flame retardants can be expensive and most mattress brands sell affordable mattresses,

So they can’t afford to use these expensive natural flame retardants to follow the rule.

On the other hand, they also don’t want to raise their prices by using these natural flame retardants.

That’s why most brands prefers the second type of flame retardant which is fiberglass and it’s cheap.

Fiberglass acts as a fire barrier in mattresses and makes mattresses fireproof for 30 seconds.

That’s why most mattress brands including molblly use fiberglass.

Why Molblly and Other Mattress Brands Hide the Fact about Fiberglass?

Believe it or not, fiberglass is a really dangerous material that mattress brands use,

And if they openly talk about fiberglass then no one is going to buy their mattresses because who wants to play with their health?

So to avoid a decrease in sales, mattress brands like Wayfair, molblly, nectar, vibe, Ashley hides the fact their mattress has fiberglass.

Dangers of Fiberglass 

After knowing about fiberglass, you may think what’s the big deal with fiberglass?

But unfortunately fiberglass is really dangerous material that can affect your health significantly.

Suppose you purchase molblly or other mattress brands that has fiberglass in it.

And when you sleep on the mattress, if any wear or tear or you accidentally removed the cover for cleaning the mattress.

Then fiberglass particles will come out of the mattress and spread all across your bedding.

And when your body comes in contact with fiberglass, you can have symptoms like breathing problem, skin irritation, throat irritation, nose irritation, asthma, and sometimes even nosebleeding in some people.

And the worst part is not have started yet because once you turn on the fan or open the windows then fiberglass particles will come in contact with air.

So all fiberglass particles spread all across your room and house and all of your family members will have these dangerous symptoms.

And you can’t remove the fiberglass particles from your overall house without an expert.

So fiberglass in mattresses is really dangerous, so you should stay away from mattresses that have fiberglass.

Should You Buy Molblly Mattress?

You may say that some models might not have fiberglass so you can purchase that mattress.

But why take the risk? Because if molblly use fiberglass then why use other models?

Because the chances are very high that other models can also have fiberglass.

So look for better alternatives.

if you really wanted to buy molblly mattress or already purchased one then use that mattress with a waterproof mattress protector because if any accidents or spills happen then you don’t need to clean the mattress or open the cover,

You can just wash the waterproof mattress cover of that mattress.

This trick can be a life saver, Thank me later.

Final Words

Fiberglass-in mattresses is pretty common but that doesn’t mean you use them.

Because fiberglass can affect your health drastically so always choose a mattress without fiberglass.

Some models of molblly contain fiberglass and some do not but why take the risk?

So look for better alternatives because there are some better options in this price range like tuft and needle.

And if you already have molblly mattress then use it with a waterproof mattress cover.

If have questions about molblly mattress fiberglass then you can ask them in the comment section of this article.