Long Story Short: Does Molecule Mattress Have Fiberglass: Yes, Molecule Mattresses does have fiberglass beneath their mattress cover then what’s the solution? Read complete article for amazing and creative solutions.

The awareness of fiberglass in mattresses is growing day by day.

Many people still don’t know about fiberglass and how dangerous it can be.

But if you are searching for molecule mattress fiberglass then I assume you know about fiberglass.

Does molecule mattress have fiberglass?

Yes, Molecule Mattress Contains Fiberglass beneath the cover of the mattress.

After reading some reviews and confirming from official sources, we found that molecule mattresses have fiberglass.

Although their mattresses are CertiPUR-US Certified but their mattresses still contain fiberglass.

But why do molecule uses fiberglass in their mattresses? Should you buy a molecule mattress? 

Is Fiberglass really dangerous? How did we find fiberglass in molecule mattresses and how you can do too?

If you have these questions then don’t worry, we got you covered.

Let’s get started.

Is there Fiberglass in Molecule Mattress?

Molecule manufactures affordable and budget-friendly mattresses and you can find this mattress in any stores like Wayfair, Costco, Target, and Amazon.

This brand has thousands of reviews across all these sites but some reviews and the company itself reveal that their mattress has fiberglass.

So people who have high expectations for this brand, sorry to say to you but molecule mattress has fiberglass.

For proof, you can visit Wayfair’s official site and you can clearly see in the description of the molecule’s mattress that it contains fiberglass.

There is also a fiberglass warning which states that do not remove the cover in any circumstances.

Because if you remove the cover then fiberglass contamination can come out of the mattress.

And molecule mattress also has a removable cover means there are high chance the 

fiberglass can come out of the mattress and harm your health.

We will discuss the dangers of fiberglass in mattresses in a while.

Does Molecule Mattress Have Fiberglass?

Yes, Molecule Uses Fiberglass as a flame retardant to make their mattresses safe from fire and molecule has a removable cover.

This means the molecule puts fiberglass beneath the cover of the mattress and also has a warning about do not open the mattress cover under any circumstances.

Why Molecule Uses Fiberglass In Mattress?

does molecule mattress have fiberglass

Not only molecule but Wayfair, Ashley, Sealy, Novaform, Vibe, Lucid, Layla, and others 80% of mattress brands use fiberglass in mattresses.

You may be surprised that some popular mattress brands also use fiberglass in their mattress.

Then the real question comes in if fiberglass is really dangerous then why these mattress brands are using fiberglass in their mattresses?

According to Federal Law of Commission, Any Mattress Brand that sells mattresses in the united states just needs to make their mattresses fireproof for at least 30 seconds.

So for mattresses to withstand fire for 30 seconds they need to use flame retardants.

Because all mattress companies have to follow these guidelines to continue selling their mattresses in the united states.

So there are two types of flame retardants they can use, first natural and second cheap such as fiberglass.

The natural flame retardants like wool, latex, cotton, nylon, rubber, and other natural flame retardant materials. 

But these natural materials can be expensive for mattress companies that sell affordable mattresses.

And if they use these expensive flame retardants then they have to increase their price and people don’t like to see their favorite mattresses becoming more expensive.

And the mattress companies also don’t want to increase their prices or cut down their profit margins.

That’s why most mattress brands use fiberglass as a flame retardant to make their mattresses fireproof.

Fiberglass is a cheap and easy-to-available flame retardant.

What Will Happen When You Remove the Cover of Molecule Mattress?

The cover of a molecule mattress is removable, so whether you accidentally remove its cover or intentionally the fiberglass will come out,

If any wear or tear happens from a sharp object then fiberglass will come out of the mattress which can be dangerous.

Because when fiberglass comes out of a molecule mattress, then it will spread across your bedding.

And when your body comes in contact with fiberglass then you can have various health issues like breathing problems, skin irritation, nose irritation, throat irritation, asthma, and sometimes even nose bleeding.

Wait, this is not the end because when fiberglass particles come in contact with air (This will happen when you turn ON the AC or Fan) then fiberglass can spread all over your house.

This will make it impossible to remove fiberglass without an expert.

And all of your family members can have some health issues and symptoms.

So fiberglass in mattresses really dangerous and you should stay away from mattresses that has fiberglass in them.

Should I Buy Molecule Mattress That Has Fiberglass?

After knowing the dangers of fiberglass, it’s a mistake to buy a molecule mattress that has fiberglass contamination.

Because the cover of the molecule mattress is removable if any accidents like vomit, urine, or any spills happen then you can accidentally remove the cover and wash it.

But when you do this then fiberglass particles will come out of the mattress which can be dangerous.

Whether you remove the cover or not fiberglass will eventually come out.

So if you really wanted to buy a molecule mattress or already bought one then you should return the mattress or use a waterproof mattress cover.

So when any accidents happen then you don’t need to remove its original cover and you can wash off its waterproof cover.

Final Words

Like other mattress brands molecule also puts fiberglass in their mattresses to make their mattresses fireproof.

And molecule mattresses also have certiPUR-US Certificate but that doesn’t mean that molecule mattress is safe.

Because it still has fiberglass which is a dangerous material.

So if you already have a molecule mattress then either recycle or throw away the mattress.

Because fiberglass harms your health and gives you major health issues in long term.

Stay away from mattresses that have fiberglass and look for alternatives.

Because there are lots of best mattresses without fiberglass in affordable mattresses.

If you have any questions regarding molecule mattress fiberglass then you can ask them in the comment section of this article.