If you are considering buying saatva mattress then let me tell you saatva mattress does not have fiberglass in their mattresses.

In fact, saatva is one of the safest and most natural mattresses in the industry.

If you are still concerned about saatva mattress fiberglass then we are going to deep dive into how to check fiberglass in mattresses, what is fiberglass, what’s saatva mattress made of, and how dangerous fiberglass can be.

Fiberglass is one of the dangerous materials which mattress brands use to manufacture their mattress.

More than 80% of mattress brands use fiberglass in their mattresses to make their mattress safe from fire.

What is Fiberglass?


Fiberglass is one of the dangerous materials in mattresses that can cause a lot of health troubles.

If you pick a bunch of fiberglass in your hands then it looks like a bunch of white hairs.

(but do not touch fiberglass it’s very dangerous and has serious side effects).

Fiberglass is a cheap flame retardant that most mattress brands use to make their mattresses safe from fire.

Fiberglass acts as a fire barrier in mattresses and although fiberglass is very cheap and other natural materials like wool, latex, and cotton can be expensive.

And mattress brands do not want to increase their prices so they only use a cheap alternative like fiberglass.

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How to Check Fiberglass in any Mattress

There are lots of ways to find fiberglass in any mattress but in this session, we are going to discuss only proven ways to find fiberglass in mattresses.

Way 1: Check its Label

Nearly all mattress companies list their ingredient list on their mattress label and if you want to find fiberglass in any mattress then it’s the easiest way to find fiberglass in mattresses.

You need to search for words like glass fiber, fiberglass, silica, or anything related to fiberglass.

And if you find materials that are related to fiberglass then you can be sure your mattress has fiberglass.

You can also google if you want to know more about its ingredients material.

Way 2: Check Red Alerts 

Most of the mattress brands do not even mention that their mattresses contain fiberglass so they do not list fiberglass in their ingredient lists to fool their customers.

You need to check if the mattress brand is saying “do not open the cover” or “do not wash the cover” without a valid reason then you can be sure that the mattress has fiberglass.

Because most of the mattress brands put fiberglass beneath the cover of the mattress.

And if you open or unzip its cover then there can be chances that fiberglass particles can come out and expose their truth.

Way 3: Find on the Internet

If you want the smartest way to find out whether your mattress has fiberglass or not then you can search for “Does Saatva mattress have fiberglass” depending on your mattress brand.

And you can find results like this.

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What’s the Big Deal in Fiberglass (How dangerous it can be?)

Fiberglass can ruin your health if you do not follow proper instructions.

If your mattress has fiberglass then if it comes out of the mattress and if the fiberglass particles come to contact with your body then believe me you are going to have breathing problems, nose irritation, skin irritation, throat irritation, nose bleeding, and other dangerous symptoms.

And in the worst case, if the fiberglass particles come in contact with air then it can spread all over the house which makes them impossible to remove without experts.

If the fiberglass particles spread all over your house then all of your family members are going to have the same symptoms.

So you need to stay away from mattresses that have fiberglass.

Does Saatva Mattress Have Fiberglass?

does saatva mattress have fiberglass

Luckily saatva mattress does not meet any of the tests for fiberglass that we have conducted.

So saatva mattress is 100% Free From Fiberglass.

And saatva mattress uses natural materials organic cotton and natural polyfoam to make their mattress safe from fire.

So let’s have a look at what’s saatva mattress is made of.

What’s saatva mattress made of?

Saatva is an innerspring mattress with a zoned support system.

Saatva mattress is 11.5 inches thick and made from high and premium quality materials.


The cover of saatva mattress is made of organic cotton which is so breathable and soft.

This cover makes saatva mattress a more comfortable and cloud-like feel.

Layer 1: Comfort Layer

The first layer of saatva mattress is a comfort layer which is made of 3 inch Euro Pillow Top.

And this comfort layer offers great support, pressure relief, and nice cushioning.

Layer 2: Support Layer

This layer is also called the support layer because this layer is made of individually wrapped pocketed coils.

And this layer increases the performance of the mattress by adding some bounce, support, and airflow to the overall mattress.

Layer 3: Zoned Support Layer

And this layer consists of a .375″ Memory Foam Lumbar Pad and this layer helps in pressure relief at the hip and lower back of the sleeper.

Layer 4: Bottom Layer

This last layer is the foundation layer or base layer of saatva mattress.

And this layer is made from steel coils and high-density foam edge support.

The coils inside this layer double down the bounce of individually wrapped coils which produces a more bounce feel on the mattress.

So from this session, now you know that saatva does not contain any harmful or toxic chemicals in their mattress.

Does Saatva Mattress have formaldehyde? 

No, saatva mattress does not have toxic chemicals like formaldehyde, fiberglass, and other toxins. Saatva mattress is 100% safe and natural.

Saatva mattress is one of the best natural and organic mattresses of 2022.

And saatva also has CertiPUR-US Certificate.

Final words on does saatva mattress have fiberglass

As I said before, saatva mattress is one of the best natural mattresses in 2022.

And saatva mattresses are 100% safe & Natural and also free from all types of toxic chemicals like fiberglass and formaldehyde.

You can buy saatva mattress without worrying about anything and you can thank me later.