Long Story Short: Does Ssecretland Mattress Have Fiberglass: Yes, Ssecretland mattress does have fiberglass in their inner cover and they openly claims their mattresses have fiberglass,

if you want to check yourself how you can find fiberglass in a mattress then read below.

Ssecretlant mattress is one of the memory foam mattresses in the market with cheap and affordable price points,

But if you want to know whether Ssecretland mattress have fiberglass or not then you are on the right track.

Because whether you want to purchase a Ssecretland mattress or already purchased one then you must know the fact that fiberglass is really dangerous.

And Yes, the Ssecretland mattress does contains fiberglass and their company openly claims that their mattress has 60% fiberglass in the inner cover.

In this article, I am Going to prove that the Ssecretland mattress does contain fiberglass, and how you can find fiberglass in any mattress.

We will also discuss the dangers of fiberglass and what to do if you already purchased a Ssecretland mattress.

Let’s get started.

Does Ssecretland Mattress Have Fiberglass?

Yes, the Ssecretland Memory foam mattress does have fiberglass in its mattress.

So it doesn’t matter if you purchase Ssecretland mattresses from their official website or from Amazon because their all mattresses have fiberglass.

Does Ssecretland Mattress Have Fiberglass?

These questions and answers are directly from the product page of their original Ssecretland Memory foam mattress.

And As you can see they officially Says that their mattress has fiberglass in the inner cover of the mattress.

You can check out more questions and answers here.


But why do Ssecretland mattresses use fiberglass? And if fiberglass is really dangerous then why so many people are buying mattresses that contain fiberglass?

First, people who are buying mattresses with fiberglass don’t know about fiberglass plus the mattresses with fiberglass can be very cheap.

And who doesn’t love cheap and affordable mattresses?

And also Ssecretland is not the only mattress company that uses fiberglass in fact, more than 80% of the mattresses in the united states alone use fiberglass.

Why More Than 80% of Mattresses Have Fiberglass?

Does Ssecretland Mattress Have Fiberglass

This Fact is shocking but it is the truth.

First Most people even don’t what is fiberglass and people who know about fiberglass they don’t even know nearly 80% of the mattresses in the market use fiberglass.

But why do they use fiberglass in the first place?

According to Federal Law of the United states, all mattress companies selling their mattresses in the united states must have flame retardants.

Flame retardants protect the mattresses from fire, so to prevent accidents from fire, all mattresses need to be fireproof for at least 30 seconds.

And to follow this law, all mattresses need to use flame retardant in order to make their mattresses fireproof.

So there are two types of flame retardants in the market first is natural flame retardants like rubber, latex, rayon, and other natural materials.

But those materials can be really expensive.

On the other hand, there are cheap flame retardants like fiberglass that can act as fire barriers in mattresses.

And fiberglass is so cheap.

Most mattress companies in the united states sell affordable mattresses so if they use natural flame retardants then they have to increase their price and customers don’t want that.

So they can’t afford to pay more price for natural flame retardant in order to make their mattresses fireproof.

That’s why most mattress companies use fiberglass as their flame retardants.

So if more than or nearly 80% of mattresses have fiberglass then most people may think there is no danger of fiberglass.

But it’s not the truth because fiberglass is really dangerous.

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Dangers of Fiberglass

People who think fiberglass is not dangerous then just assume this scenario.

Suppose you just bought a mattress that has fiberglass, and you started to sleep on that mattress regularly.

And suddenly you see a wear or tear in the cover of your mattress, you don’t know the reason but you ignored it.

After some time you started to feel some itchiness, and redness on your body because the fiberglass particles from the mattress started coming on the surface.

And if you ignore this at this time then fiberglass will spread all over your bed and your bedroom.

Once that happens, you can start feeling uncomfortable while breathing, you may see skin irritation, throat irritation, and nose irritation.

And for people who are already suffering from asthma, their symptoms can be worse.

You can even have nose bleeding if you don’t do anything to stop it.

And once the fiberglass particles come in contact with the air of your room then it will slowly spread all over your house.

And the worst thing is, you can’t remove the fiberglass from your house without an expert.

So once you see initial symptoms of fiberglass then you must contact the expert and get rid of fiberglass from your home.

3 Signs Your Mattress Have Fiberglass

If you want to know how I found fiberglass in Ssecretland mattress then you must know these 3 signs.

And if you see any of this then you can be sure that the mattress has fiberglass.

Sign 1: The Mattress Is Cheap

Believe me or not, mattresses with affordable or cheap price points always have fiberglass in them.

Because affordable mattress companies can’t afford natural materials so they always choose fiberglass over natural flame retardants.

And if your mattress is less than $300 at least then your mattress has a 90% chance of fiberglass.

So always choose a good quality mattress with natural materials.

Sign 2: Made in China

If your mattress is made in China then you can be 100% sure that the mattress has fiberglass.

Because as you know china is known for making cheap quality products.

So there is no way that they don’t use cheap fiberglass in their mattresses.

So if your mattress is made in China then it must contain fiberglass.

Sign 3: The Cover of the Mattress is Non-Removable or Has a Warning

If you see any warnings like “do not open the cover” or “don’t wash the cover” or if the cover of the mattress is non-removable then there is a chance that mattress have fiberglass.

Because most mattress companies put fiberglass beneath the mattress so if you open or remove the cover of the mattress then the fiberglass can come out,

So if your mattress has these red flags then your mattress have fiberglass.

Final Words

If you are considering buying a Ssecretland mattress then please don’t buy that mattress because that mattress have fiberglass.

And if you already bought the mattress then get rid of that mattress as soon as possible because once the fiberglass starts coming from the mattress then you are risking your life.

So always invest in good quality mattresses that have natural materials.

If you have any questions regarding Ssecretland mattress fiberglass then you can ask them in the comment section of this article.