Most people buy stuff on weekends and they create a huge shopping list and buy things on Sunday.

But in one state there are some stupid laws that you can’t buy mattresses on Sunday.

Is it illegal to buy a mattress on Sunday?

Yes, It is illegal to buy a mattress on Sunday if you are living in Washington.

This is an old law that banned Sunday shoppers. 

Let’s discuss this law in detail and why you can’t buy mattresses on Sundays in Washington.

Can You Buy a Mattress on Sunday in Washington?

No, you can’t buy a mattress on Sunday its illegal. 

Because one old law banned selling or buying mattresses on Sunday and also banned selling television or meat.

And there is no origin to this law which means people don’t even know where did this law come from.

This law is not strict and you must have to follow it because if you are new to Washington then you can buy a mattress but you can hear the locals say’s like its banned.

It means you can still buy a mattress on Sunday because there is not strict restriction or any federal law that stops you from buying mattresses on Sunday.

Federal Law on Selling Mattresses.

Of course, there are lots of laws on selling used mattresses in the united states.

There are lots of legal different laws on selling used mattresses.

Law 1: Labeling

There are various and different rules and regulations for labeling used mattresses.

Different states have different labels like red and yellow.

Law 2: Cleaning

This law strictly bans selling uncleaned or infected mattresses, so you should always clean and disinfect your mattress before selling it on the market.

Law 3: Tagging

Some states only allow the selling of a mattress with color-coded tags and mattresses with recycled materials should show in tagging.

And there are other laws on selling used mattresses.

Some Weird Lays in Washington

If you are new to Washington then there are weird and bizarre laws that you should know about.

Of course, these laws aren’t that strict or you must follow them if you are living in Washington but understanding these laws is sometimes useful.

The first weird law in Washington is that you can’t buy a mattress on Sunday, which is so weird because weekends are the prime time for buying beds & mattresses.

But of course, lots of people don’t follow this law and sell or buy mattresses on Sunday.

The second Bizarre Law is that televisions and meat are banned on Sundays.

That means you can’t buy or sell televisions or meat on Sunday but people buy meat or television on Sunday so it isn’t that strict.

Another weird law is that it’s illegal to possess dangerous animals in Washington.

This means you can’t own animals like monkeys, tigers, snakes, bears, or other dangerous animals.

And you should also know some weird facts about mattresses.

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4 Facts About Mattresses that you may not know

Here are some facts and weird laws about mattresses that you don’t know.

Fact 1: The Word Mattress is Arabic Word Means “Throw”

In the days of the Crusades, bedding was awful and not comfortable and it wasn’t comfortable until the crusades went to the middle east and discovered sleeping on comfortable mattresses.

But the arab word already had a name “sleeping on the cushion” and their word for cushion is “Matrah” which comes from the word tarah which means “throw”.

Fact 2: Mattresses can double in weight over 10 Years

Mattresses can double their weight in over 10 years because mattresses can accumulate dust mites, sweat, dead skin, and other dirt.

That’s why you need four people to flip your mattress if your mattress is older than 10 years.

Fact 3: A Mattress Has Between 100,000 to 10 million dust mites in it.

Yes, you read this right. A mattress can have up to 10 million dust mites, GROSS!

This happens because traditional innerspring mattresses have lots of space for microscopic critters to roam and reproduce.

These little creatures won’t be a problem until and unless you have an allergy.

Fact 4: All Mattresses Are Fire Proof For 30 Seconds

According to the federal law of commission, every mattress needs to withstand fire at least for 30 seconds.

So any mattresses in the united states have fireproof properties for 30 seconds.

And most mattresses use fiberglass to make their mattresses fireproof.

Fact 5: Buying Mattresses on Sunday is Banned in Washington

This law is one of the craziest and stupid laws in Washington because Sundays or weekends are the prime days to buy mattresses.

But this law is not strict so you can buy or sell mattresses on Sunday without any legal complaints.

Final words on is it Illegal To Buy A Mattress On Sunday

If you are living in Washington then there are some weird and stupid laws but those laws aren’t that strict and provided by the federal government.

So don’t worry if you want to buy a mattress on Sunday then you can definitely buy a mattress Sunday.

And there is a random law that states buying a mattress on Sunday is illegal but you can buy a mattress on Sunday if you wanted to.

Mattresses are a huge investment that can save our life by providing quality sleep because working throughout the day can be stressful and you need a comfortable and supportive mattress that provides pressure relief and increase your quality sleep.

If you have any questions regarding buying mattresses on Sunday then you can ask them in the comment section of this article.