If you are an overweight or heavy person/couple and looking for a purple mattress but not sure is purple mattress good for heavy people or not,

Then you are on the right article.

Of course, the purple mattress is one of the best mattresses for a heavy person but the purple mattress also has a weight limit of 400 pounds.

So as long as you weigh under 400 pounds, a purple mattress is best for you.

Why am I saying this? Let’s see why a purple mattress is good for heavy people, its reviews, pros & cons, and what’s insight the purple mattress.

What Purple Mattresses Are?

Purple mattress is a hybrid mattress that offers the softness of memory foam and the support of an innerspring.

The main three models from purple are purple hybrid, purple hybrid premier 3, and purple hybrid premier 4.

There is also a memory foam model from purple which is called Purple Original Mattress.

But Purple Original Mattress is Not Recommended For Heavy People.

These models come with different firmness, thickness, and sizes.

Purple is one of the most loved, and popular mattress brands in the united states.

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Is Purple Mattress Good For Heavy People?

If you are a heavy person who weighs under 400 pounds then believe me you are going to love its comfort, firmness, and support.

Because purple usually manufactures a firm type of mattress and firm mattresses can be soft and comfortable for heavy people.

If you are a heavy person and feel lots of pressure on your hips and lower back then get ready to get a good night’s sleep without any pressure points,

Because purple’s pressure release and support will make your spin and body align in the proper position.

So purple mattress is one of the best mattress for overweight people.

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Purple Mattress Weight Limit

As I said before purple mattresses have a weight limit of up to 400 pounds but it doesn’t mean a 400 pounds person can sleep on a purple mattress because it’s the word “up to”.

This means a purple mattress is only recommended for people under 350 pounds.

So if you weigh more than 350 pounds then you should not purchase a purple mattress.

On the other hand, if your weight is less than 300 pounds then you can buy a purple mattress without thinking twice about its weight limit.

Purple Mattress Weight Limit Chart

How Many Person Can SleepHow much Weight Purple Can Hold
1300 Pounds
2600 Pounds
3900 Pounds

Which purple Mattress mattress is Best For Overweight Person?

First, there are not many models from purple that you can choose which is best because people can get confused if they have to choose between a variety of models.

The Purple Also Has a Memory Foam Mattress which is called a “Purple Original Mattress”.

But if you are a heavy or overweight person then the purple mattress’s memory foam model is not for you.

Best Purple Mattress For Overweight People

The Purple Hybrid Mattress is best for heavy people because it offers comfort, support, and pressure point relief.

You can Choose Purple Mattress Hybrid Premier 3 or 4 Depending on your budget and comfort.

Purple Mattress is Known for its GelFlex Grid Technology which relieves the pressure points of sleepers and provides them with great comfort, support, and pain relief sleep.

Purple mattresses align your body and spine in the right position for great support.

Lightweight or normal people can feel purple mattresses are too firm because purple mattresses are specially designed for people with more weight than the normal person.

The foam used in the purple hybrid mattresses is breathable and soft so you can sleep cooler and comfortably.

Pros & Cons Of Purple Mattress


  • Purple Offers Pressure Relief & Support
  • Breathable & soft Fabric and Material Used 
  • Best Firmness For Heavy Person
  • Calm & Relaxing Colour
  • Cooling Gel For Hot Sleepers
  • Best For Couple And Motion Isolation
  • GelFlex Grid Technology Relieves Pressure Points
  • Align Your Body & Spine in Proper Position.


  • Purple Mattress is heavy and hard to move
  • Hard to clean if you do not use a mattress cover

What are Some Advantages & Disadvantages Of Purple Mattess

There are more advantages of purple mattresses than disadvantages,

First advantage of purple mattresses is that using purple mattress can solve your body pain or pressure points problem.

It’s very common for overweight people to have pain in their hips and lower back.

So to solve this problem purple has advanced purple grid technology for relieving pressure points and adjusting your body and spine in one position.

The second advantage of the purple mattress is that it’s very durable. Most mattresses which are designed for heavy people, do not have durability because the pressure on these types of mattresses can be high so they wear faster or sag.

But the purple mattress is one of the most durable and long-lasting mattresses for heavy people.

and another advantage of purple mattresses is their design, color, and style. People love to get purple mattresses in their rooms because purple mattresses’ colors and styles will suit any room.

The purple mattress looks awesome and modern with their style so anybody can love their design.

And the disadvantage of the purple mattresses might be their price. Because purple mattresses are expensive so not many people can afford a purple mattress.

Final Words

Purple mattresses are one of the best mattresses for heavy people because they offer comfort, support, spinal alignment, pressure point relief, motion isolation, cooling effect, and other amazing features and benefits for heavy people.

Purple mattresses also have a longer lifespan compared to other mattresses,

If you are a heavy person and looking for a mattress that offers support, and pressure relief as well as offers comfort then there is no better option than a purple mattress.

The weight limit of purple mattresses is up to 400 pounds but average heavy people who weigh under 350 pounds can easily sleep and get support, comfort, and pressure relief when sleeping on the purple mattress.

Purple is a known and the market leader mattress brand for decades so you can choose purple mattresses without having a second thought.

If you have any questions regarding purple mattresses for heavy or overweight people then you can ask them in the comment section.