If you are a heavy person or couple and looking for a sleep number bed then it’s definitely a good choice.

And one great thing about the sleep number bed is that it comes with dual air adjustability which enables couples to choose their own firmness level.

And is sleep number bed good for heavy person?

Of course, a sleep number bed is best for heavy people because you can adjust the support you can get on this mattress, not like other mattresses which can sink deeper when you sleep on them.

So if you are a heavy person and looking for a sleep number bed then you need to know which model of sleep number bed is best for the heavy person and what are some key takeaways of sleep number bed for heavy person or couple.

Let’s get started.

Weight Limit Of Sleep Number Bed

Sleep number bed comes in different sizes like twin, twin XL, Full, queen, king, and California king.

And every air chamber in sleep number beds will hold up to 400 pounds of weight.

And Twin, Twin XL, and Full-Size sleep number beds have only one air chamber so the weight limit of twin, twin xl, and full-size sleep number mattresses is 400 pounds only.

Queen, King, and California King Have two air chambers which means they can hold up to 800 pounds of weight.

So if you are looking for a sleep number bed only for a single person then you can go with a twin size.

But if you are a heavy couple and looking for the best size then you can go for a queen or king-size mattress.

Is Sleep Number Bed Good For Heavy Person?

Of course, you shouldn’t just trust on manufacturer’s claims because lots of mattress companies may lie but the people who purchased this mattress will give real reviews of sleep number beds.

Unfortunately, there are not so many reviews for sleep number beds for a heavy person but after tons of research on quora, Reddit, and other platforms, 

We finally found these real reviews.

After Reading this review, our team is sure that the sleep number bed can easily hold 500 pounds of weight.

So if you are a heavy person and looking for a single-person bed then you may go with a twin or twin XL.

But if you are a couple then you should go for full size, but if you both are heavy people then you need to choose queen or king size.

Queen and King size will hold up to 800 pounds of weight which means if you have kids then you can sleep along with them.

Do Sleep Number Bed Have Warranty?

Sleep number bed offers one of the best and long warranties in the mattress industry.

Sleep number bed has 15 years of warranty which means if anything happens in 15 years of time period then you can replace your mattress with a new one.

Because the warranty of the sleep number bed will determine how long sleep number bed lasts.

The manufacturer of sleep number beds claims 15 years of warranty but you can expect that sleep number beds can easily last up to 12 years.

For more extra details check our article on how long sleep number bed lasts.

Is Sleep number bed suitable for all Sleeping Positions?

Believe me, if you are a heavy person and have a different sleeping position then it’s very hard to find the right mattress for you.

Because heavy stomach sleeper needs a firmer surface that can align the spine and at the same time heavy back sleeper needs a medium firmer surface which can resist sinking too far into the mattress and also needs great cushioning to relieve pressure.

And the main problem comes when you are looking for a mattress for heavy couples.

Because both can have different sleeping positions and it’s hard to find a mattress that is best for a heavy person as well as suits all sleeping positions.

But don’t worry sleep number bed got you covered.

Because you can set different firmness levels from 1 to 100 and select the right firmness level and queen or king size has two air chambers that mean you can adjust the firmness of your bed according to your comfort.

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Best Sleep Number bed For Overweight People

Sleep Number’s 360 p6 Smart Bed is the best mattress for a heavy person or couple.

You can choose the different sizes depending on your preference.

And sleep number also offers 100 Days Free Night Trial Means you can use this mattress for 99 days and return this mattress if you don’t like it.

This model of sleep number bed is the best sleep number bed for heavy couples or overweight people.

Final Words

Sleep number beds can change the overall mattress industry with their advance and innovative technology.

Because sleep number bed will make you sleep better than other traditional mattresses,

The main best thing about sleep number beds is their adjustability and customization because you choose firmness levels from 1 to 100 and other great features.

So if you are a heavy person or couple then I don’t see any better option than a sleep number bed.

And sleep number beds last longer than traditional mattress brands for heavy people.

If you have any questions regarding sleep number beds for heavy people or couples then you can ask them in the comment section of this article.