Long Story Short: Do Mattress Toppers Have Fiberglass: Yes, 80% of Mattress toppers in the market including Foam, Latex, gel, feathers, and hallow fiber contain fiberglass in them.

So you need to read and research carefully before purchasing any mattress toppers.

Mattress toppers are one of the essential and important parts of our bedding so you need to know whether mattress toppers have fiberglass or not.

The mattress topper is just a thinner version of the mattress.

So do mattress toppers have fiberglass?

Yes, most of the mattress toppers have fiberglass depending on their materials and manufacturing.

But there are lots of mattress toppers that do not have fiberglass in them.

In this article, we will discuss What’s inside a mattress topper, why most mattress toppers have fiberglass, and how to find a mattress topper with no fiberglass.

We will also discuss how to know if your mattress topper has fiberglass.

Let’s get started.

What’s Inside Mattress Toppers?

As I said before mattress toppers are nothing but thinner variants of mattresses.

As its name suggests mattress toppers go on the top of the mattress to adjust the comfort, support, and firmness of your mattress.

The mattress toppers come in lots of different types and materials.

Such as memory foam mattress toppers, hollow fiber, feathers, gel, and latex mattress toppers.

And these all mattress toppers have their own special materials.

For example, latex toppers have 100% latex material and memory foam mattress toppers have 100% memory foam materials.

So the inside of mattress toppers is their special ingredient and materials which makes them unique and comfortable.

Do Mattress Toppers Have Fiberglass?

do mattress toppers have fiberglass?

Yes, mattress toppers do have fiberglass in their layers.

All types of mattress toppers including latex, memory foam, gel, feather, wool, and other types of mattress toppers can contain fiberglass.

But there are lots of mattress toppers that do not contain fiberglass.

But why do mattress toppers manufacturers use fiberglass in mattress toppers?

Why do Mattress Toppers Have Fiberglass?

There is a federal law that every mattress and mattress topper manufacturer must follow if they want to sell their mattresses and mattress toppers.

That law states that all mattresses must need to have flame retardants in their mattresses.

And the companies who make the mattress toppers also make the mattresses with fiberglass.

There are two types of flame retardants first is natural flame retardants like wool, cotton, latex, rubber, rayon, and other natural materials.

But these materials can be expensive so cheap mattress manufacturing companies can’t afford to use those expensive materials.

That’s why they choose other flame retardants which are cheap and inexpensive.

Flame retardants include fiberglass and silica.

And most of the mattress companies that sell mattresses and mattress toppers offer affordable and cheap mattresses.

That’s why most mattresses and mattress toppers contain fiberglass.

How to Find a Mattress Topper with No Fiberglass?

Here are some proven ways to find a natural mattress topper which do not contains fiberglass in them.

1. Avoid Brands That Are Known For Containing Fiberglass

The most important step you need to take is to avoid mattress brands that have fiberglass because if a mattress brand or manufacturer uses fiberglass in their mattress,

Then they also can use fiberglass in their mattress toppers.

But how can you find mattresses with fiberglass brands?

Check this out.

2. Check the Price

If you want to find a mattress topper that has no fiberglass then you need to look for a little bit expensive mattress toppers.

Because most mattress toppers are cheap that can only mean their manufacturer used a fiberglass as a flame retardant.

So when you purchase cheap mattress toppers then there is no way that cheap mattress toppers have those natural materials because they are expensive.

3. Check the Label of the Mattress Topper

If you have a mattress topper in your home then you can just read the label of your mattress topper and if you do not have the mattress topper then you can search for a label of that mattress topper.

Because nearly all mattress toppers’ label contains a list of ingredients that are used to make that mattress topper.

And if you find any material that is related to fiberglass then you can be sure that the mattress topper has fiberglass.

If you don’t know about those ingredients too much then you can take help from Google to check whether that ingredient or material is related to fiberglass.

Where is Fiberglass Inside the Mattress Topper?

The mattress toppers contain fiberglass found in the inner layers of the mattress toppers.

So as long as you don’t cut the mattress topper or avoid any wear or tear then the fiberglass won’t come out of the mattress.

But fiberglass in mattresses toppers isn’t safe because accidents can happen so you need to always avoid mattress toppers that have fiberglass in them.

Is Fiberglass in Mattress Toppers Safe?

No, of course, it’s not safe. Because mattress toppers that have fiberglass in them can leak their fiberglass at any time.

And once they do then fiberglass can harm your health significantly.

Once the fiberglass from mattress toppers touches your body then you can have breathing problems. Skin irritation, nose irritation, throat irritation, and sometimes even nose bleeding.

And this is not the end because once the fiberglass comes in contact with air then its fiberglass can spread all over to your house.

Which makes it impossible to remove fiberglass from your home without an expert.

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Do Memory Foam Mattress Toppers Have Fiberglass?

Yes, most of the cheap memory foam mattress toppers contain fiberglass.

So you need to avoid the memory foam mattress toppers that contain fiberglass.

Always choose a memory foam mattress topper with wool, cotton, or other natural flame retardant to be safe.

Do Mattress Toppers Have Formaldehyde?

If the mattress toppers are made with polyurethane foam then there are high chance that toppers have VOCs (Volatile Organic Compound), formaldehyde, and other dangerous ingredients.

So yes, some mattress toppers do have formaldehyde and other toxic materials.

So you have to be very careful when choosing a mattress topper.

Final Words

If you want to buy a mattress topper with no fiberglass then you need to know which companies use fiberglass in their mattresses and toppers.

Because that can remove the list of companies that uses fiberglass in their mattress toppers.

And also you need to purchase an expensive mattress topper because cheap mattress toppers always have fiberglass.

But if the mattress toppers are expensive that doesn’t mean they don’t have fiberglass so there are other things to notice too.

Its origin means which country they are made in and reading the label of the mattress topper.

If you have any questions regarding mattress toppers fiberglass then you can ask them in the comment section of this article.