Long Story Short: Do Pillowtop Mattresses Have Fiberglass: there are lots of pillowtop mattresses which contains fiberglass and there are also lots of pillowtop mattresses that does not contains fiberglass,

so it depends on the brand of the pillowtop mattress and if you want to find fiberglass in pillowtop mattress then read the complete article.

If you are considering buying a pillowtop mattress and wanted to know if the pillowtop mattresses have fiberglass or not then you are on the right article.

The difference between a normal top mattress and a pillow top mattress is that pillowtop mattress have an extra layer of padding sewn directly to the top of the mattress cover.

Most well-known mattress companies like Winkbed, Saatva, Birch, Nolah, Helix, Stearns and Foster, and others manufacture pillowtop mattresses.

So Do Pillowtop Mattresses Have Fiberglass?

Well, it depends on which brand of pillowtop mattress you are purchasing.

That means some pillowtop mattresses contain harmful substance like fiberglass at the same time some pillowtop mattresses do not use fiberglass.

In this article, we will discuss what pillowtop mattresses have fiberglass, how to find fiberglass in any pillowtop mattress, and some useful and important information about fiberglass.

Let’s get started.

Why Do Most Mattresses Have Fiberglass?

Do you know that nearly 80% of the mattresses in the market use fiberglass?

If fiberglass really dangerous then why do most mattress companies use them?

Because fiberglass is a flame retardant that protects the mattress from fire and makes the mattress fireproof for at least 30 seconds.

According to the Federal law of commission, all mattresses must need to have flame retardant in their mattresses otherwise they can’t sell their mattresses in the united states.

So to follow this rule, most mattress companies need to use flame retardant to make their mattresses fireproof.

And most mattress companies sell affordable mattresses so they can’t afford expensive flame retardants like rayon, rubber, latex, cotton, and other natural materials.

That’s why most companies use cheap flame retardants which can act as fire barriers in mattresses.

That cheap flame retardant is also called fiberglass, that’s why most mattress brands use fiberglass in their mattresses.

Do pillowtop Mattresses have Fiberglass?

Do pillowtop Mattresses have Fiberglass

Mostly No, if you purchase pillowtop mattresses from reputed mattress brands like Dreamcloud, Awara, Avocado, Helix, Saatva, Nest, Beautyrest, and Stearns and Fosters then their mattresses do not contain fiberglass.

But if you purchase pillowtop mattresses from Amazon, and especially from cheap mattress brands then their mattresses do have fiberglass.

If you find the pillowtop mattresses way cheaper than the normal price then there is high chance that pillowtop mattresses have fiberglass.

So you need to know how to find fiberglass in any pillowtop mattress.

How to Find Fiberglass in Pillowtop Mattresses?

If you know how to find fiberglass in any pillowtop mattress then you can choose the right pillowtop mattress for yourself.

And there are lots of proven and tested ways to find fiberglass in pillowtop mattresses.

Let’s get started.

Way 1: Read the mattress Label

In this way, you can either look at the label of your pillowtop mattress if you have one or search the label of your mattress online if you don’t have the mattress.

Because nearly all mattresses list their ingredients on their mattress label.

And if you find any material that is related to fiberglass then you can be sure that the mattress has fiberglass.

If you don’t know too much about those ingredients or materials then you can do a quick Google search about that ingredient or material to check whether it’s related to fiberglass or not.

Way 2: Check the Price 

Normally a good pillowtop mattress ranges between $500 to $1000 and goes up to $2000.

And if you find any pillowtop mattress less than $500 then there is no way that mattress does not have fiberglass.

Because all cheap mattresses use fiberglass in their mattresses.

So if you want to buy a good pillowtop mattress that does not have fiberglass their purchase the pillowtop mattress from well-known brand.

That mattress may be expensive but believe me that’s worth it because using a mattress that has fiberglass can give you lots of health issues.

Way 3: Made in the USA

If your pillowtop mattress is not manufactured in the united states then do not purchase that pillowtop mattress.

Because when you purchase a pillowtop mattresses which is manufactured in the united states then there is very low chance that mattresses have fiberglass.

Because mattress manufacturers in the united states also have quality guidelines and on the other hand mattresses made in China, India, and other countries are filled with fiberglass.

So always choose pillowtop mattresses which are made in the united states.

Way 4: Do Some Research

If you do not want to risk your health when you sleep on a pillowtop mattress then you need to choose the right pillowtop mattress.

Suppose you choose a pillowtop mattress from Dreamcloud then you need to know what’s inside that mattress and what it’s made of.

Because you need to understand all the aspects of that mattress before purchasing it.

You need to understand its layers, and what materials are used in that mattresses.

Final Words

Usually, mattresses companies put fiberglass beneath their mattresses and make the cover non-removal,

Or give us warnings on their mattress cover like “do not open the cover” or “do not remove the cover”.

And when you see these warnings in any pillowtop mattress then you can be sure that pillowtop mattresses have fiberglass.

But if you don’t want to do research or anything thing because you don’t have the time then you can purchase pillowtop mattresses from saatva, dreamcloud, and other reputed mattress brands.

Because those mattress companies do not use fiberglass as their flame retardant, they use natural flame retardants like latex, cotton, rayon, and others.

Their mattresses can be a little more expensive than normal but believe me, its worth it.

If you have any questions regarding pillowtop mattress fiberglass then you can ask them in the comment section of this article.