Long Story Short: Can You Put A Sleep Number Bed In An RV: If you have Regular Sleep Number Bed then you can fit the mattress into your RV depending on how much space you have,

but if you have Sleep Number Mattress Specially Made For RV then Fitting that mattress won’t be a problem.

Sleep number bed is an adjustable and innovative bed that offers extraordinary support, comfort, and adjustability.

Mattresses are key components when you want to make your RV more comfortable for sleep.

Can you put a sleep number bed in an RV?

Yes, you can put a sleep number bed in an RV if you have enough space, and the design and weight can match then you easily install a sleep number bed in an RV.

So if you don’t know how to install a Sleep Number bed in RV then don’t worry.

We got you covered. 

Let’s Get Started.

What is a Sleep Number Mattress?

Sleep number mattress is an adjustable mattress and has air chambers just like an air mattress.

You can control everything in this bed.

There is a firmness option from 0 to 100 so you can enjoy and set the firmness level according to your comfort.

Another best thing about this mattress is its dual Air Adjustability which allows couples to sleep on separate firmness, comfort, and support settings.

Sleep number bed also elevates the head or down area of the mattress and it also stops snoring.


Can Sleep Number Bed Make an RV Mattress?

Can You Put A Sleep Number Bed In An RV

Yes, you can make a sleep number bed an RV mattress because sleep number beds are shorter than regular king or queen-size mattresses.

But before buying a sleep number bed for your RV check the R in mattress number to make sure it will fit in your RV design.

Also, make sure you account for weight because if you exceed the weight limit of an RV then you need to remove other things from your RV.

And before you buy the mattress, check the weight of the bed frames because you need to know exactly how much weight your RV has and how much weight the mattress and bed frame of the sleep number bed have.

Are there Sleep Number Beds Specially Designed For RVs?

Can You Put A Sleep Number Bed In An RV

Yes, Sleep Number beds have 2 models specially designed for RVs.

The sleep number manufactures small queen and king-size sleep number mattresses for RVs and the models are R5 & R3.

And these two models come in 6 different styles.

  • Short Queen Short Queen Radius (60 by 75)
  • Queen (60 by 75)
  • Queen Radius (60 by 80)
  • RV King
  • King

The Difference between RV King and King size sleep number beds is just 4 inches difference in width.

These models are specially designed for RV. so depending upon your preference you need to choose one size and style.

These beds have great cushioning, support your neck, back, and hip, and align your spine properly.

These all beds come with 15 years of warranty.

Can you put a sleep number bed in an RV

Yes, you can easily put a sleep number bed in an RV and sleep number also has beds that are specially designed for RVs. R5 & R3 Beds are specially designed for RVs, so make sure you know the weight capacity, space, and size of the RV and the mattress.

How to Install Sleep Number Bed in an RV

Installing a Sleep Number bed in an RV is so simple and anyone can do it.

First, put the bed foundation and foam support together for the edging.

Now make sure the air chambers of the sleep number bed are connected to the unit’s air pump.

If your RV has a hole in the floor then you can store the air pump in the basement or beneath the bed.

The pump of the sleep number bed will need 110V of electrical connection, you can connect and make changes to see if it is working or not.

After you connect the pump to the electrical connection, the bed will start inflating.

If you lost your remote then check this article: 4 Ways to Inflate Sleep Number Bed Without Remote.

Now place the foam topper on the top of the mattress and zip it up.

After this, you can make your bed more comfortable and enjoy sleeping on it.

Difference Between Regular Sleep Number Bed and RV Sleep Number Bed

There is no major difference between the regular sleep number bed and the RV Sleep number bed.

But the biggest difference can be the features you get.

Sleep Number offers set-up and delivery of regular sleep number bed in your home but Sleep Number RV bed doesn’t come with this feature.

And regular sleep number beds also come with a foot-warming device so you do not have to worry about your cold feet.

But RV beds don’t have this device but other than that RV sleep number beds are similar to normal sleep number beds.

Can You Put a Sleep Number Bed On Any Frame?

Yes, you can put a sleep number bed on any bedframe so it doesn’t matter if you use wooden, metal, waterbed frames or other frames.

Because sleep number beds are designed to be on any bedframe.

You can also use boxspring or create your own bedframes with plywood, sleep number beds are compatible with any bed frames.

Can you put a Sleep Number bed in a 5th wheel?

Yes, you can put a sleep number bed in a 5th wheel of an RV but make sure you know the weight difference.

Check the capacity of your cargo, bed, and bedframe of the sleep number bed.

Does a Sleep Number bed need electricity?

Yes, the Sleep number beds need electricity for inflating because sleep number beds have air chambers just like air beds and for inflating sleep number beds you will need to use the electrical pump for blowing up the sleep number bed.

Final Words

Sleep number beds are the future of camping with RV.

Because sleep numbers beds have innovative technology and amazing features.

Sleep number beds have air chambers so you can adjust the firmness, comfort, and support according to your preference.

And if you are a couple and traveling with your RV then there is no better option than Sleep number RV.

But make sure you know the weight, design, and space of the sleep number bed and the cargo of your RV.

If you have any questions regarding the sleep number bed in an RV then you can ask them in the comment section of this article.