Long Story Short: Do Stearns And Foster Mattresses Have Fiberglass: No, Stearns and Foster Mattresses do not have fiberglass in their mattresses because they use natural flame retardants and high-quality premium materials.

Stearns and Foster are one of the premium luxury mattresses which are made by Tempur-Sealy Mattress Company.

But do Stearns and Foster mattresses have fiberglass?

No, Stearns and Foster do not contain any fiberglass in their mattresses because all the materials and ingredients used to make their mattresses are premium, natural, and top-notch.

In this article, we will discuss what flame retardants do Stearns and Foster use instead of fiberglass and what’s inside Stearns and foster mattress.

We will also discuss why this mattress is called world’s best mattress and how you can get this mattress.

So if you already have stearns and Foster mattress or considering buying one stay tuned for knowing awesome facts and information about this mattress

Let’s get started.

Who Makes Stearns and Foster Mattress?

Do Stearns And Foster Mattresses Have Fiberglass

Years Ago, Stearns and Foster became the part of sealy mattress company, and recently Tempurpedic bought Sealy mattress company.

So sealy all mattresses including stearns and foster are parts of Tempurpedic mattress.

And stearns and foster mattress comes under the tempur-sealy mattress company.

Do Stearns and Foster Mattresses Have Fiberglass?

No, Stearns and foster do not have fiberglass in their mattresses because stearns and foster is one of the popular and luxury mattress companies.

This mattress company even makes luxury mattresses for world-class top luxury hotels so there is no way that this mattress uses fiberglass in their mattresses.

After my research around the web and from the communication from the real customers who bought Stearns and foster mattresses, I Assure you that Stearns and Foster Mattresses do not have fiberglass.

In fact, people who purchased stearns and foster mattress is one of the happiest people in the world.

Those people are sleeping like a baby on this mattress.

What Flame retardants do Stearns and Foster Use?

The flame retardants used by stearns and foster brand are 100% natural and free of fiberglass.

They use cotton, and wool as flame retardant.

And cotton and wool are one of the expensive flame retardants that most luxury mattress companies use.

That’s why the price of Stearns and Foster mattresses is high.

And mattress companies who sells affordable mattresses can’t afford these materials so they use cheap materials like fiberglass.

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What’s inside Stearns and Foster Mattress?

As I said before, stearns and foster mattress is one of the top quality mattress with premium and top notch materials.

The starns and Foster is a spring mattress with extraordinary combination of comfort and support.

So the materials used in their mattresses are world-class.

The memory foam is infused with gel to give the sleeper a cooling effect,

The foam also allows the sleeper to relieve their pressure points and support all night with the hugging feeling of memory foam.

And the spring used in stearns and foster has the best coil technology in the world.

The comfort and support layer in the Stearns and foster mattress is so comfortable that once the sleeper sleeps on the mattress then they can sleep like a baby.

The pressure point relief, cooling effect, temperature control, spine alignment, and body comforting experience are the features of this mattress.

Dangers of Fiberglass in Mattress

Most people think that fiberglass is not dangerous as it seems but they are wrong because fiberglass is one of the most dangerous materials in the mattress.

When you sleep on a mattress that has fiberglass then once your body gets in contact with fiberglass then you can have serious health issues.

You can have symptoms like breathing problems, nose bleeding, skin irritation, throat irritation, asthma, and other serious symptoms.

And the worst part is not started yet, which means once the fiberglass gets in contact with air when you turn on the fan or AC then the fiberglass particles can spread all over your house.

Once the fiberglass spread all over your house then it’s impossible to remove it.

That’s why you need to stay away from mattresses that contain fiberglass but luckily Stearns and Foster don’t have fiberglass.

Because they do not use cheap flame retardants like 80% of the mattresses on the market,

Stearns and Foster only use natural flame retardants like wool and cotton.

Final Words

If you are considering buying steans and foster mattress then I assume you have the proper budget to purchase that mattress.

Because their mattresses are expensive for most people. 

But if you are interested in buying Stearns and Foster mattress then you can purchase that mattress without having second thoughts.

Stearns and foster mattress is one of the best mattresses and does not contain any harmful chemicals or materials like fiberglass.

Stearns and foster is amongst the few mattress brands that has do fiberglass so if you already have stearns and foster mattress or considering buying one,

You can purchase Stearns and foster without any doubts.

If you have any questions regarding Stearns and foster fiberglass then you can ask them in the comment section of this article.