Vibe mattresses are one of the most popular mattresses on amazon.

The vibe is a popular brand that sells affordable mattresses.

But do you know about the vibe mattress lawsuit?

Actually, the vibe is owned by the classic brand, which is a mattress company that has been manufacturing mattresses for over 40 years.

If you are searching for a vibe mattress lawsuit that means you know that vibe mattress has fiberglass in their mattresses and also lots of complaints against them.

So in this article, we are going to discuss some complaints, questions, and lawsuits against vibe mattresses.

Is there really a lawsuit against vibe mattress?

No, Vibe Mattresses has no lawsuits against them.

Vibe manufactures their mattress for over 10 years but literally, there is not a single lawsuit against them,

Although vibe mattresses have lots of complaints from their customers but no one has taken action against the vibe mattress.

Lawsuits can be filed by customers or government organizations.

But usually, customers do not file lawsuits against mattress brands because lawsuits can be really expensive.

Lots of people get affected by vibe mattress fiberglass but no one has taken an action against vibe mattresses.

But how have people got affected by vibe mattresses and what are their complaints?

3 Common Complains Against Vibe Mattress

vibe mattress lawsuit

Lots of people who got affected by vibe mattresses are suffering from back pain, hip pain, sagging in their mattresses, and dangerous fiberglass side effects.

1. Fiberglass Complains

Do you know fiberglass in mattresses is pretty common?

Because more than 80% of mattress brands use fiberglass to make their mattress safe from fire.

And vibe mattresses are also cheap and affordable that’s why vibe uses fiberglass as a cheap alternative to make their mattresses safe from fire.

People from Reddit & quora are suffering from fiberglass because they have used vibe mattresses.

And vibe mattresses do contain fiberglass.

People who purchased vibe mattresses in past are suffering from breathing problems, throat irritation, nose irritation, and nose bleeding.

Click this link to know more about vibe mattress fiberglass.

2. Back & Hip Pain Complains

Vibe Mattress Lawsuit

Lots of customers who purchased vibe mattresses in past also claims that they are having back pain after sleeping on vibe mattress.

And their mattress isn’t supportive enough and too firm.

But most likely these are new customers who purchased vibe mattress recently.

And unlike other mattresses, vibe mattresses also need time to adjust to your body.

When the vibe mattress is new then it can be very firm but after 30 days vibe can back to its original firmness.

So this is not the real issue.

But if you are having back & hip pain sleeping on a vibe mattress then you can use a mattress topper to adjust the firmness level of your vibe mattress.

3. Sagging Complains

Sagging is common in all mattresses but it takes more than 3 to 5 years for a mattress to sag.

And if your mattress has a sagging problem and your mattress is not too old to sag then this problem can be serious.

Lots of customers on amazon claim that the vibe mattress is sagging prematurely.

And they were claiming that they recently brought a vibe mattress and their mattress is sagging quickly.

If your mattress sags then sleeping on that mattress can be very difficult because it’s too uncomfortable.

If you are facing the same sagging problem with the vibe mattress in the initial months then you can ask for a return and get your refund.

If you have a valid reason then you can also file a lawsuit against vibe mattress.

Why there are No Vibe Mattress Lawsuits? (4 Reasons)

Vibe mattresses have two issues with their mattress 

  1. Sagging
  2. Fiberglass

And sagging and fiberglass can cause lots of health issues in the long term if you ignore them.

Here are some reasons why people don’t sue big mattress brands like vibe.

Reason 1: Lawsuits are Expensive

The most valid and common reason why most people don’t file a lawsuit against vibe mattresses is lawsuits can be expensive.

And especially if you are filing a lawsuit against big mattress brands like vibe.

And the vibe is owned by classic brands that are selling their mattress for 4 decades.

So obviously they have more money and can hire more expensive lawyers to win the case.

But it’s not about them it’s about their customers.

Because most of the customers who have vibe mattresses mean they have a limited budget for mattresses.

And they do not have money to initiate a lawsuit against vibe.

Average Americans can’t pay the fees for attorneys to start the lawsuit against Vibe.

Reason 2: Lawsuits can be very Long

Even if you have money to pay for an attorney then there is a very long process.

Lawsuits are very time-consuming.

And this is one of the reasons people why don’t sue vibe mattresses because lawsuits can’t happen overnight and they can drag months.

Another reason why people don’t file a lawsuit against them is that they don’t have legal knowledge.

And they don’t know how the legal system works or how to hire an attorney for lawsuits and manage the lawsuit.

Therefore common people like us don’t know how to file a lawsuit against vibe because vibe uses fiberglass in their mattresses.

Reason 4: Lack of awareness of Fiberglass

Fiberglass in mattresses is pretty common but why there is no awareness of fiberglass?

If the people even don’t know what is fiberglass then how can they file a lawsuit against vibe?

The awareness of fiberglass in mattresses is increasing day by day.

But lots of people still don’t know what is fiberglass and how dangerous it can be.

Can You Sue Vibe Mattresses?

If you do not have a problem paying attorney fees and have little patience then you can actually file a lawsuit.

But the condition is you really need a valid reason for filing a lawsuit against vibe.

And you need to prove in court how you are affected by vibe mattresses.

If you are a victim of fiberglass in vibe mattresses and because of that fiberglass if you faced any health problems then you need to definitely file a lawsuit against vibe mattresses.

But remember even if you have purchased a vibe mattress from amazon, you need to file a lawsuit against vibe or a classic brand, not amazon.

Because the classic brand is the original manufacturer of vibe mattresses.

Final Words on Vibe Mattress Lawsuit

Vibe manufactures affordable mattresses and vibe is owned by a classic brand that is selling its mattresses for 40 years.

I know that there are no lawsuits against vibe until now.

But with time people are becoming aware of fiberglass in mattresses.

And there are lots of victims of fiberglass in vibe mattresses but because of lack of knowledge, time and money they don’t get even a chance to file a lawsuit against vibe.

But if you have faced any health problems because of vibe mattress fiberglass then you have to file a lawsuit against them.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is there any lawsuit against vibe mattress?

No, there is not a single lawsuit against vibe mattresses. I know this sounds crazy because vibe mattress has fiberglass and they still don’t have a lawsuit against them. Lawsuits can be expensive and time-consuming that’s why people don’t file lawsuits against big mattress brands.