Long Story Short: Do Walmart Mattresses Have Fiberglass: Yes, most of the mattresses in Walmart is cheap mattresses with fiberglass as their flame retardant, that’s why 80% of the mattresses in Walmart contain fiberglass.

Most people buy their mattresses from Walmart’s physical stores and some from online stores.

But do you know Walmart mattresses have fiberglass?

Yes, you read it right. Walmart mattresses do have fiberglass in them.

So next time when you are looking for new mattresses in Walmart, you need to know some ways that can identify which mattresses on Walmart have fiberglass and which do not.

In this article, we will provide you with a list of mattresses in Walmart that contains fiberglass and how you can find a mattress in Walmart with no fiberglass.

Let’s get started.

What Is Fiberglass?

If you are searching for Walmart mattresses fiberglass then consider yourself so lucky because many people even don’t know what is fiberglass.

And how dangerous it can be.

Fiberglass is plastic reinforcement with glass and is known as a dangerous and toxic material in mattresses.

Most mattress brands use fiberglass as a flame retardant to protect their mattresses from fire.

Some mattresses use natural flame retardants and some use fiberglass.

And Walmart’s 80% of mattresses have fiberglass.

I know this is shocking but the truth.

Do Walmart Mattresses Have Fiberglass?

Yes, 80% of the mattresses available in their stores have fiberglass in them.

But why is that? 

Because most of the mattresses at Walmart are low-priced mattresses.

And as I said before, fiberglass is a cheap flame retardant that most mattress companies use.

Because other natural flame retardants like rubber, latex, wool, and others can be expensive.

And these cheap mattress companies who sell cheap mattresses can’t afford to use those natural but expensive materials.

That’s why most mattresses at Walmart use fiberglass.

List of Mattresses with Fiberglass at Walmart

  • Vibe Mattress ( Fiberglass Found)
  • Zinus Mattress (Fiberglass Found)
  • Lucid Mattress (Fiberglass Found)
  • Linenspa Mattress (Fiberglass Found)
  • Ashley Furniture (Fiberglass Found)
  • Olee Sleep (Fiberglass Found)
  • Molblly Mattress (Fiberglass Found)
  • Sleep Innovation (Fiberglass Found)
  • Layla Mattress (Fiberglass Found)
  • Ghostbed (Fiberglass Found)
  • Molecule Mattress (Fiberglass Found)
  • Coolsense Mattress (Fiberglass Found)
  • Inofia Mattress (Fiberglass Found)
  • Allswell Mattress (Fiberglass Found)
  • Tulo Mattress (Fiberglass Found)
  • Amazon Basics Mattress (Fiberglass Found)
  • Cheap Mattress (Fiberglass Found)
  • Chita Mattress (Fiberglass Found)

There are also lots of mattresses that also have fiberglass like Tempurpedic, Nectar, Casper, and others.

So if you want to see the full list of mattresses that has fiberglass then check this out.

Why Walmart Mattresses Have Fiberglass?

Walmart Mattresses Have Fiberglass

As I said before the mattresses at Walmart are the companies that offer affordable and cheap mattresses.

According to the Federal Law of Commission, All mattress Brands who are selling their mattresses in the united states must use flame retardant to make their mattress fireproof for 30 seconds.

So this Law is made by the federal government to reduce the accidents which are caused by fire.

So to follow this law, every mattress company needs to make their mattresses fireproof for 30 seconds.

And to make their mattresses fireproof, they have to use flame retardants in their mattresses.

So if they don’t use flame retardants then they can’t sell their mattresses in the united states.

And there are two types of flame retardants in the market.

First is natural flame retardants like wool, cotton, latex, rubber, rayon, and other natural materials.

But these natural materials can be so expensive that only a few mattress brands can use them.

Because most of the mattresses at Walmart are mattress brands that offer cheap and affordable mattresses.

So they can’t afford to use those natural flame retardants.

And on the other hand, there are other types of flame retardants like fiberglass and silica which are so cheap.

That’s why most mattresses at Walmart have fiberglass in them.

How Can I Find Fiberglass Free Mattress at Walmart?

If you are looking for a new mattress at Walmart then there are a few things that you need to consider before buying a mattress from Walmart.

Here are some proven ways to find fiberglass-free mattresses at Walmart.


If the price of the mattresses is so low and cheap then it can attract lots of people but the price of the mattress can determine the quality of the mattress.

When you visit Walmart or go to their official website then you can clearly see that 90% of the mattress are under the $400 price range.

And in this price range don’t expect you will get a mattress that has no fiberglass.

Because the mattress company that uses natural flame retardants and materials always price their mattresses higher.

So if you do not have a budget of more than $400 to $600 then do not purchase the mattress from Walmart.

Product Description & Reviews

Sometimes, the mattress is higher priced that doesn’t mean that the mattress has no fiberglass.

Such as Dreamcloud, nectar, Tempurpedic, and others.

Their mattresses are expensive but still contain fiberglass so you need to check the product description of their mattresses.

Also, do not forget to read the reviews from all places.

All places I mean, are from Amazon, Walmart, Reddit, quora, and other sites.

Because when you read reviews from all places then you may find customers who used that mattress and now suffering.

Always read reviews, question and answer sections, and product descriptions before buying any mattress from Walmart.

Check Red Flags

If there is a red flag like do not open the cover or do not remove the cover or the cover of the mattress is non-removable then do not purchase that mattress.

Because most mattresses that have fiberglass always puts their fiberglass beneath their mattress cover.

And when you open the cover or remove the cover then the truth can be exposed.

That’s why some companies give warnings like do not wash or remove the cover of the mattress.

Do Online Research

Before you buy any mattress from Walmart, always do your proper research.

Because suppose you liked the Allswell mattress from Walmart then before you buy that mattress you can do a Google search.

Google search like “ Does Allswell Mattress Have Fiberglass?”

Then you can find some useful articles that explain why you should not purchase Allwswell mattress and why you should.

That’s how you can do your research before buying any mattress from Walmart.

Final Words

If you want to buy a new mattress from Walmart then don’t just go there are buy any mattress because it’s so cheap.

Because once you know about the dangers of fiberglass then you will never buy any mattress without doing a proper research.

But if you already have a mattress that has fiberglass then you can read out article on how to get rid of fiberglass from the mattress.

If you have any questions regarding Walmart mattress fiberglass then you can ask them in the comment section of this article.