If you are on vacation or traveling for vacation, if you end up in an uncomfortable and hard hotel bed then it’s worse.

Because uncomfortable or hard hotel mattresses can cause back pain, neck pain, and miserable sleep experiences.

But you may ask yourself “why are hotel mattresses so hard?”

Normally hotels have comfortable, high-end mattresses, pillows, comforters, mattress pads, and other comfortable beddings.

But those hotels can be really expensive so other affordable hotels don’t have that luxury.

In this case, you need to know why are hotel mattresses so hard and how to make hotel beds comfortable.

Let’s get started.

Why Are Hotel Mattresses So Hard? (Reasons)

There are lots of reasons why hotels prefer hard mattresses over soft mattresses which we will talk about in this session.

But if you are sleeping in a luxury hotel then you will have a soft mattress but other hotels don’t usually have soft mattresses.

let’s start with why are hotel mattresses so hard?

Reason 1: Hotel Prefers Hard Mattresses Because They Long Last

The number one reason why hotels use hard mattresses is that hard mattresses wear slowly and have a long lifespan.

As you know soft mattresses wear fastly and can accumulate sweat, body fluids, dust, and other elements so they do not have a longer lifespan.

Soft beds can sag very fast so hotels want to save money by not replacing their mattresses for years.

That’s why most hotel uses hard beds over soft ones.

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Reason 2: Influenced By Culture

Another reason why hotel beds use hard mattresses is that they value their culture.

For example, Japanese people sleep on a futon that is very rigid than a memory foam mattress.

So some hotels want to give their customer’s same experience so they use firm mattresses instead of a soft mattresses.

But of course, not every hotel has cultural influence.

If you are in an affordable or cheap hotel then there is a high chance that they have a hard mattress.

Because hard mattresses stay longer than the soft mattress that’s it.

Why do hotel beds hurt my back?

One of the common reasons why your hotel beds hurt your back is because hotel beds have very firm beds. 

And if your body gets used to soft beds in your home then if you suddenly sleep on firm or hard mattresses then it can cause back pain.

So if you have a soft mattress topper or sheets then you can put them over the mattress for making your bed soft and comfortable.

How to Make Hotel Beds More Comfortable

There are lots of proven ways to make hotel beds comfortable and soft but we will talk about only proven and tested ways.

Here are some tested ways to make hotel beds comfortable.

Way 1: Carry Your Own Mattress Topper

Believe me, this trick can be a lifesaver for you if you always stay in affordable hotels.

Because those hotels just want to survive through firm mattresses because they have longer lifespans.

But a firm mattress can cause you lots of body pains and miserable sleep.

So carrying your own soft mattress topper is the best trick for making hotel beds comfortable.

You can use a wool mattress topper or foam mattress topper to make hotel beds comfortable.

Way 2: Ask Hotels for Extra Duvets or comforters

If you are feeling uncomfortable sleeping on hotel beds then you can ask them for extra duvets or comforters for making hotel beds comfortable.

Comforters and duvets are soft and make hotel beds softer and more comfortable to sleep in.

So it’s not a bad idea to ask the management for extra duvets or comforters.

Way 3: Use Egg Crate Foam Topper

Another way to make hotel beds more comfortable and soft is to use an egg crate foam topper.

An egg crate topper can create even weight distribution and makes you feel like sleeping on a high-end luxury mattress.

Egg crate toppers provide great airflow and make hotel beds more comfortable.

Way 4: Flip the Mattress

First, this trick is not for every mattress because not all mattresses are double-sided mattresses.

So you need to flip your hotel bed and try to sleep on the other side of it to feel comfortable then you can use that side but it’s worse than the previous one then flips again.

And add more sheets and bedding to make it comfortable.

Way 5: Ask For More Pillows & Warm Your Room

Adding extra pairs of pillows can do the job.

most hotels use soft pillows because they are lightweight and durable.

So putting two or four pillows on your hotel bed can give your bed a cloud-like feel.

And always a heater in your room because memory foam absorbs heat and starts to soften and allowing your body to sink in the memory foam.

Final Words

Most hotels use firm and hard mattresses because they have a long lifespan.

Affordable hotel always uses harder mattresses to save their bills for not replacing their mattresses for years.

But expensive hotels usually use soft mattresses and that’s why they charge more than normal hotels.

But you can make your hotel bed soft and comfortable by using a foam mattress topper, extra sheets or duvets, flipping your mattress, adding more pillows, and turning your room’s heater ON.

But my favorite one is traveling with a foam mattress topper because it can be a lifesaver for you if you are traveling and wanted a comfortable sleep on any bed.

If you have any questions regarding hotel beds then you can ask them in the comment section of this article.