Long Story Short: Why Do Beds Have Two Mattresses: Some People Use Two Mattresses on one single bedframe and there can be many reasons and personal preference,

but people add two mattresses in one bed because they want to add more height, or want to make their bed more comfortable.

there are many advantages and disadvantages which we will discuss in this article.

Lots of people get confused when they see two mattresses in one bed.

Because some people use one mattress on another for adding more height.

Why do beds have two mattresses?

People who use two mattresses in one bed can be patients or have a personal preference.

So if you have a king-size mattress then you can split a king-size mattress into two twin-size mattresses.

It means two twin XL-size mattresses can make a king-size mattress.

Let’s know why people prefer beds with two mattresses and the benefits of using beds with two mattresses.

Let’s get started.

Why Do Beds Have Two Mattresses?

If you have a low-structure bed then adding two mattresses can add more height, and comfort and provides more support.

Or sometimes people just have an extra mattress that they don’t want to store so they stack it on each other for preventing a mattress from dust and dirt.

Here are some common reasons why do beds have two mattresses.

Reason 1: Two Mattress Can Add More Height

Why Do Beds Have Two Mattresses?

If your bed has a low height then you can give your bed more height by just adding another mattress on top of your mattress.

Most people use two mattresses in one bed because they don’t like the low-profile bed that touches the floor.

And adding more height to your overall bed can give you support, comfort, and feel like a high-end bed.

This is a budget-friendly way to elevate your mattress like hotel bed.

Of course, it’s a personal preference because some people like to sleep on a bed that has two mattresses.

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Reason 2: For Making Your Bed More Comfortable

Why Do Beds Have Two Mattresses?

If your old is not comfortable, supportive and has a rigid surface then rather than purchasing a new mattress, 

People add an extra mattress to the top of their old mattress which will increase the height, and comfort and provide more support to their back.

But people who don’t want to throw their old bed then just add a new mattress on the top of old one.

Adding a mattress on the old mattress can give your bed a plush feel so people who don’t like their old mattress’s rigid surface, add another mattress on the old one.

Reason 3: Spare Mattress

Most people don’t have space for a spare mattress, they just add their spare mattress on top of their current mattress.

This reason is so obvious because when you buy a new mattress then you need to store or throw away your old mattress.

And if you do not want to throw your mattress or do not have space for storing your old mattress then you can add your new mattress on top of your old one.

Reason 4: Kids Love Jumping On Mattresses

Not only kids, but adults also love to bounce on their mattresses.

And bouncing on two thick mattresses is better than bouncing on a single mattress.

Children enjoy jumping on two mattresses and jumping on a single mattress can damage your mattress,

But if you have two mattresses then it’s totally safe and secure for mattresses.

Reason 5: Personal Preference

It’s a personal preference actually because some people love to sleep on a single mattress, and some people love sleeping on a double mattress.

Because two mattresses can give a more cozy, soft, and relaxing feel.

And adding one mattress to another is good for making a firm mattress soft and comfortable.

And some people love to sleep on elevated mattresses so it’s a personal choice.

Should You Use Two Mattresses on One Bed & What are the Disadvantages of Sleeping on two mattresses?

Now after knowing why people use two mattresses on each other, now comes a question.

Should you use two mattresses on one bed? And what are the disadvantages of two mattresses on one bed?

Of course, there are lots of cons to using two mattresses on one bed.

Here are some disadvantages of using two mattresses on one bed.

Disadvantage 1: Your Mattress is Gonna Slip Off

If you use two mattresses on one bed then there can be less stability.

Because mattresses are not designed to be placed on another mattress.

When you sleep on two mattresses and when you change your position or sides then your mattress going to slip off.

Because the top one has no bedframe to support it, so it will slide away.

But to tackle this problem you can use velcro or ratchet straps and hold your two mattresses in one position.

These straps will keep your mattress in one place when you sleep on them.

Disadvantage 2: Damage the Quality of the Mattress

Another disadvantage of using a mattress on top of the mattress is it can damage the quality of the mattress.

Because when you do this, the bottom foam is pressured due to the weight of the top mattress and it can decrease the lifespan of both mattresses.

Some products have layers so they can easily get damaged if you put more weight.

Disadavantage 3: Sagging

Another con of using a mattress on top of another mattress is it can cause sagging.

Because when your mattress is exposed to more weight than a sleeper then it can start to sag.

And especially if you have a memory foam mattress then your mattress is going to sag quickly and you can feel uncomfortable.

Disadvantage 4: Makes you Hotter

Most sleepers who sleep comfortably on their mattresses say that the temperature is the key and the cooler the mattress is the more comfortable.

But when you double stack mattresses then it can decrease airflow and make you sleep hot.

If you have a memory foam bed then it’s known for trapping heat and when you put another mattress on your old one then it can trap more heat.

So you may wake up hot in the middle of the night and feel so discomfort.

And there are lots of disadvantages which we will talk on the next article.

Final Words

So sleeping on double-stack mattresses is a personal choice but there are more cons than pros.

So as long as you are a fan of sleeping on double mattresses don’t use one mattress on another because it can create lots of discomforts and damage your mattress.

If you don’t have a space for your old mattress then you can store your mattress in your garage or a friend’s house.

But don’t put a mattress on top of another mattress as long as it’s your personal preference.

If you have any questions regarding why do beds have two mattresses then you can ask them in the comment section of this article.