If you have a sleep number bed then the main problem with sleep number bed is that it keeps losing its air.

And lots of people ask me, why is my sleep number bed losing air?

The short answer is, there may be a leak, poor hose connection, or the firmness control system of the sleep number bed is out of sync.

And As you know sleep number bed has air chambers just like air beds so small leaks in air chambers also cause sleep number bed to lose air.

Don’t get confused, we will tell you the main cause of the problem and how you can fix the sleep number bed from getting deflated.

Let’s get started.

4 Reasons Why Sleep number bed losing air (With Solutions)

Before fixing issues in your sleep number bed, first, know what is causing your sleep number bed to lose air.

Reason 1: Poor Hose Connection

The main reason why your sleep number bed loses its air is that there can be a poor connection between the air chamber and the pump.

Because a pump is the only thing that keeps the sleep number bed inflated.

And if there is a poor connection between the hose of the air chamber and the pump then that is the reason for air loss in the sleep number bed.

So locate the hose of your sleep number bed, look on the sides of your mattress and give them a gentle tug.

And after a gentle tug, if you feel that hoses are moving around a lot then the connection is not secure and your bed is losing air from that area.

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Solution For Poor Hose Connection

Unplug the hose and screw it back tightly.

And now inflate the mattress and move your fingers around that area to feel air tricking out.

And if you don’t feel any air coming out from that area then the hose connection is properly secured.

And if you do find air coming from that area then you didn’t screw the hose properly.

Reason 2: Leak in Air Chamber

This is can be the worst and less likely situation if your sleep number bed is losing air.

Because sleep number beds are just like air mattresses which have air chambers and can also get punctured.

But this scenario is less likely because the sleep number bed has durable and strong air chambers and can’t get leak easily.

Solution For Air Leaks in Sleep number bed

So for finding leaks in the air chambers of the sleep number bed, inflate the bed up to 15 points or higher than you normally keep.

And remove its sheets, covers, remove all removable things then you can see grey air chambers and a firmness control system.

Now move your hands gently on every area of the air chamber and firmness control system and notice if there is air coming out or not.

And if the air is coming out from that part then there is a leak so after finding a leak you need to contact their support team because you can’t just patch the leak on your own.

You need to give your air chamber for fixing in their store so they will patch all leaks for free.

Reason 3: Firmness Control System is Out of Sync

For making the firmness control system in sync you need to follow certain steps.

The firmness control system is nothing but a monitor for firmness level to make the mattress remains in desired settings.

First set your desired firmness level and check whether the firmness control system got unplugged or reset for any reason,

And if yes, then there may be a leak.

If the pump is set correctly then here is how you can re-sync the system.

Solution for Firmness Control System out of Sync

Make sure your bed is plugged into a functional outlet.

Now find the “hip” button on the sides of your mattress, you can find the “hip” button containing the sleep number logo.

But make sure the bed is plugged otherwise the “hip” button will not light up.

Now make sure the power cord and black wire connecting the base to the pump are properly plugged in.

Now press and hold down the “hip” button until it starts to blink after pressing “continue” and set the bed to the desired firmness.

Reason 4: Changes in Temperature

Another reason why you feel your sleep number bed is losing its air is that the temperature can cause changes in air pressure that can affect the firmness of the mattress.

Suppose the temperature suddenly drops then air particles in the air chambers of your mattress will slow down and cause air pressure to drop which will make you feel that your mattress is losing its air.

So you can make a stable temperature for your room and inflate your mattress to the desired firmness level.

How do I find a leak in my Sleep Number bed?

Final Words

Sleep number bed is nothing but a glorified air mattress that is just like an air mattress but offers customizing and extraordinary comfort.

So if you have a sleep number bed and you feel that your sleep number bed keeps deflating then you need to solve the problem as soon as possible,

Because there may be a leak in your sleep number bed, a poor connection between the hose and the pump, or the firmness control system may be out of sync.

So you need to find the actual cause and fix the problem.

You can contact the sleep number’s support team for help and tell them your specific problem.

If you have any questions regarding deflation in sleep number beds then you can ask them directly in the comment section of this article.