Embassy suites or Hilton hotels is one of the famous hotel chains in America.

And there is a huge difference when you sleep in an embassy suite/Hilton or an average Airbnb.

So you may wonder what mattress does embassy suites use or what mattresses hilton use?

Embassy Suites or Hilton Use Serta Mattresses in their hotels. Serta is known for its comfort, quality, and luxury.

In this article, we will explore what makes Hilton or embassy suite bed special and what pillows, mattress protector, and bed frame they use.

We will also discuss how to make your own bed like hilton or embassy suites bed.

Let’s get started.

Embassy Suites bed or Hilton Beds (Why So Special?)

Engineers at embassy and hilton hotels did a stunning job designing their mattresses and beddings.

When you sleep on their bed then, believe me, there is no better bed than Hilton or embassy beds.

They are so comfortable, supportive, and luxurious so you can get restful sleep.

Not like Airbnb where your sleep becomes more miserable, their beds can be really hard and uncomfortable to sleep on.

So if you are wondering how embassy suites choose mattresses, their other beddings, and what you can do with your own bed then stay tuned.

What Mattress Does Embassy Suites Use?

Embassy Suites or Hilton Uses Serta Mattress which is a popular luxurious mattress and offers a comfortable sleep experience.

Serta mattress is a combination of memory foam and latex.

Memory foam is known for its supportiveness which decreases the pressure from the spine and joints so people with body pain can relieve their pressure points and get a good night’s sleep.

Of course, the serta mattress is expensive because serta is known for its luxury and cloud-like feel.

So when you sleep on a serta mattress you will feel like sleeping on a cloud.

Serta mattress is suitable for every body type and sleep position.

If you are a hot sleeper then serta also has a cooling gel technology to maintain your body temperature.

What Pillows do Embassy Suites Use?

Pillows are one of the most important aspects of your sleep.

Because if your pillows are great then it can create a huge difference.

So if you have ever slept in Hilton’s or embassy hotel then you know how comfortable their pillows are.

You may wonder which pillows they use.

They use Serta’s Pillow Set, this set includes one memory foam pillow and one coil pillow.

Many people love to sleep on memory foam pillows because they help you align your neck, and spine and they conform to the shape of your head.

What Mattress Protector Do Embassy Suites use?

Mattresses can be huge investments so you need to protect them from accidents.

Like vomiting, urinating, or any spills like coffee spills, milk spills, or juice spills.

You need to also protect your mattress from your pets if you have one.

Over time mattress can accumulate lots of dirt, debris, sweat, and dust so you need to vacuum it regularly and prevent the mattress in the future.

And what kind of mattress protector do embassy suites use?

They use Serta’s innovative and smart mattress protector which is waterproof and protect your mattress from dirt, body fluids, and allergens.

What Bedframe Do Embassy Suites Use?

Bedframe is also an important factor when it comes to making your overall bed comfortable.

Bedframe elevates your mattress from the ground which makes getting in or out of the bed easier.

And also adds a nice and decorative look to overall your bed and room.

And embassy suites use Serta’s bedframe which offers steady support and eliminates bed bounce.

But if you already have a boxspring or bedframe then you don’t need to invest lots of money buying a bedframe.

How to Make Your Own bed like Embassy or Hilton’s Bed?

When it comes to sleep, mattresses are the most important factor.

When you sleep in hotels like embassy suites or Hilton then you also want to feel the same sleep experience at your home.

But if you follow the right steps and way then you can make your own bed feel like an embassy or Hiltons bed.

Step 1: Choose a Serta mattress Or Add a mattress topper

If you can afford a serta mattress then you must choose a serta mattress because serta mattresses can make your bed feel like a hotel bed.

Serta is known for its luxury and comfort.

So when you are choosing a comfortable mattress then choose a serta mattress but remember that serta mattresses can be expensive.

But if you already have a mattress then don’t worry because you can make your old mattress feel like a serta mattress, how?

You can purchase a combination of memory foam and latex mattress toppers.

So it will create a new layer on your bed so you can exactly feel like sleeping on a serta mattress.

So adding a memory foam mattress to your old mattress will do the job.

Step 2: Choose Serta’s Pillow

You can choose Serta’s luxury pillow sets which include one memory foam pillow and one coil pillow.

Or choose a memory foam pillow from other brands but don’t forget to choose the memory foam.

Because As I said before, pillows can create all the difference when it comes to making your bed comfortable.

Step 3: Make Your Bedding feel Like a Hotel bed

Beddings include sheets, mattress covers, lines, comforters, and other things.

You need to choose hotel-style beddings that will make your bed feel like a hotel bed.

So choose your bedding wisely.

Step 4: Make Your Bedroom Calm & Relaxing

It doesn’t mean that if you just change the bed then you will have a good night’s sleep because the environment of your room also matters.

You need to also make your overall bedroom calm and relaxing.

Set your bedtime correctly, set your sleep schedule, avoid your phone when you sleep and don’t nap after 5 am.

Final Words

When you sleep on an embassy or Hilton bed, you won’t make your bed feel the same because who doesn’t want to get a comfortable sleep?

So to make your bed feel like Hiltons or embassy bed, you need to invest in good quality mattresses, pillows, and bedding.

You can even make your old bed feel like a hotel bed, just add a memory foam mattress topper and two comfortable memory foam pillows.

This can create a huge difference to make your bedding comfortable.

If you have any questions regarding the embassy or Hilton’s bed then you can ask them in the comment section of this article.