Long Story Short: Does Medicare Pay For Sleep Number Bed: If you have been hospitalized and if you have medicare cover then medicare does pay for sleep number beds,

but there are certain conditions which needs to meet like a condition which requires special position, or doctors prescription and why you need an adjustable mattress.

Sleep number beds are adjustable beds that are very popular in the united states for their comfort, adjustability, and innovative technology.

And sleep number bed is a great option for older adults who are struggling with body pains and need sleep in different positions.

But does medicare pay for sleep number bed?

The short answer is yes, medicare can cover sleep number bed but certain conditions have to meet in order for medicare to pay for your adjustable bed.

But what are the conditions of medicare to pay for sleep number bed and what are the requirements for medicare for providing coverage?

If you have these questions then don’t worry we got you covered.

What is an Adjustable Bed & Its Benefits 

Sleep Number Bed is also an adjustable bed that doesn’t remains flat or stationary.

An adjustable bed allows you to elevate different parts of the bed for comfort and support.

Hospital beds are also adjustable beds that allow you to elevate the head or foot of the bed.

The main benefits of adjustable beds are beneficial for people who are suffering from joint pain, arthritis, or muscle spasms because adjustable beds reduce pressure points.

And elevating the head of the adjustable bed also helps in great airflow and snoring. (Read this: Does Sleep number bed stops snoring?)

Adjustable beds also are used for people who have difficulty getting out of bed and people who are recovering from hip surgery or other orthopedic surgery.

So adjustable beds have lots of benefits for people who are suffering from pain and they are just like hospital beds.

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Does Medicare Pay For Sleep Number Bed

Does Medicare Pay For Sleep Number Bed

Yes, medicare pays for sleep number beds but you need to go through their all conditions and requirements.

And Medicare will only pay for sleep number beds or other adjustable beds when you have a specific medical need.

And medicare will offer coverage for sleep number beds as part of the beneficiary’s Part B Benefits.

Because part B offers medical coverage on durable medical equipment which includes adjustable beds.

And medicare will pay 80% of the cost of sleep number bed after you met your part B deductible.

But there are also other requirements that must be met, let’s know that first.

Requirements For Medical Coverage on Adjustable or Sleep Number Bed

The first thing you need for medicare to cover your adjustable bed is a prescription from your doctor that says an adjustable bed is recommended for your health.

And for coverage, here are some requirements you need to meet.

  • A condition that requires special positioning or equipment
  • A prescription from your doctor that describes your medical condition and why you need an adjustable bed.
  • Medical records to support the need for an adjustable bed
  • Physician report that explains the medical condition and the need for an adjustable bed for your condition

Some other conditions are also covered by medicare.

If your doctor recommends adjustable beds to treat body aches and pain, cardiac diseases, severe arthritis, spinal cord injuries, or other injuries.

What is Part C Coverage for Sleep Number Beds?

This is a medicare advantage plan (Medicare Part C) and it provides coverage for sleep number beds.

And this advantage plan requires covering all the same treatments, products, and services that original medicare covers.

How much does the average adjustable bed cost?

The cost of an adjustable bed depends on its model, brand, extras, and additional insurance you have.

Because normally hospital beds range from $500 to $25000, and also more than $30k+.

And these expensive models are used in ICUs and are available for rental only.

And if the supplier you choose accepts medicare then medicare will pay 80% of the total cost and you need to pay only 20% of the remaining cost.

How Much Do Sleep Number Beds Cost?

A Normal Sleep Number Bed costs around $500 for twin size and $1599 for king size.

And the higher model of sleep number bed can cost more than $5000 for king size.

Final Words

If you want a sleep number bed for your medical conditions then don’t worry because medicare will pay for a sleep number bed.

But if you want to latest and most expensive model then it’s difficult for medicare to pay because medicare doesn’t pay for the latest and most expensive models of an adjustable beds.

So make sure you select the right model of sleep number bed for medicare to pay.

And sleep number bed accepts payment from medicare.

If you have any questions regarding sleep number beds and medicare then you can ask them in the comment section of this article.

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