Sleep number beds are one of the popular and trending mattresses in the united states.

This mattress brand provides a personalized sleep experience for every sleeper.

But before you consider buying this mattress brand, you should know about how long do sleep number beds last.

Because lots of users complain about sleep number beds and raising complaints against its durability.

Sleep Number Beds Lasts Up to 15 years because they are specially designed with high-quality materials which will make the mattress last at least 15 years.

But users of sleep number beds also complain that the components of sleep number beds wear out faster.

Read on to discover everything about the sleep number beds longevity and durability.

What are Sleep Number of Beds?

Sleep Number Mattress is one of the smartest and most innovative mattresses in the united states.

And one of the best things about sleep number beds is their anti-snoring feature, sleep tracking, and adjustable firmness & temperature.

But some customer’s also facing issues with its durability as per the record, and they are also complaining that sleep number mattresses wearing fast.

Other than that sleep number beds are revolutionary mattresses that can change the whole mattress industry.

Because sleep number beds have advanced and innovative tech like sleep tracking, adjustable firmness, responsive comfort, active warming, and cooling.

How Long Do Sleep Number Beds Last (Life Expectancy)

How Long Do Sleep Number Beds Last?

The most common issue reported by customers is that the air bladders, electronics, and pumps are wearing down faster than expected.

And those parts are also expensive to replace.

Even though sleep number beds offer 15 years of warranty but customers are reporting that the parts of sleep number beds are wearing down before 10 years.

But if you take proper care, and rotate the sleep number mattress every six months then sleep number beds can easily last up to 10 years.

Because it also depends on person to person and how you use the sleep number mattresses.

And based upon our research and analysis sleep number beds can last a maximum of up to 12 years if you treat sleep number mattresses correctly.

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Do Sleep Number Beds Have A Warranty?

A Good way to know how long sleep number beds last is to see their warranty.

Because a warranty of a mattress brand can determine the minimum longevity of a mattress.

And Sleep Number beds come with 15 years of warranty which is enough and more than popular mattress brands.

But you can expect 10 to 12 years of longevity depending upon the use of the mattress.

How Do You Know When To Replace A Sleep Number Bed? (4 Signs)

Here are some signs that you need to replace your mattress immediately.

Sign 1: Age of the mattress

If your mattress is older than 6 years then maybe it’s time to replace your mattress.

Because over time all mattresses lose their structure and materials.

And when you use your mattress regularly then the mattress can’t offer proper comfort and support over time.

So the age of the mattress is one of the crucial things that define whether you should replace your mattress or not.

And if you are using a sleep number mattress and your mattress is older than 6 years then you should consider replacing your mattress.

Sign 2: Wear & Tear 

When you see wear and tear in your mattress then it’s time you should replace your mattress.

Lumps and dips or sagging in your mattress is also a sign that you need to replace your mattress.

Because these factors can affect the comfort and support of your mattress.

But what if your sleep number beds wear out faster? Then in that situation, you should return your sleep number bed for a warranty period which is 15 years.

Sign 3: Your Mattress is Making Noise

If your mattress is making noise then this is also an important sign that you must notice.

Especially if your mattress is innerspring.

So when you move on your mattress or try to change your position while you sleep and your mattress is making noise then it’s a sign that you should replace your mattress.

Your mattress will make noise if the internal structure of your mattress is breaking down.

And that means whenever you see this sign then you should replace your mattress or you will have trouble sleeping.

Sign 4: Your Mattress is Deflating 

Sleep number beds don’t have innerspring or coils in their structure.

Because they rely on air chamber technology like air beds.

And when you see your mattress is not maintaining its air or if you notice that your sleep number mattress will randomly deflate then it’s a sign that you should replace your mattress.

This is happening because of a malfunction in the pump system or wears or tears in the air chamber of the sleep number mattress.

If your sleep number bed is not older than 15 years then you should replace your sleep number bed with a new one.

Sleep number will replace your mattress for free during the warranty period.

How Can You Make Sleep Number Bed Last Longer?

Here are some things to do for making your sleep number mattress last longer and increase its durability.

Use Your Mattress Properly 

If you use your sleep number bed properly and take care of it then you can increase its longevity.

And taking proper care means, you should rotate your mattress every 3 to 6 months, and clean your mattress and its protector regularly.

Change dirty or stained bedding regularly.

So if you use your mattress properly then you can definitely make your bed last longer.

Don’t Put Extra weight on Your Mattress

Omg, my kids always jump on our mattress which can harm the mattress.

And putting extra pressure on a particular area cause wear, sagging, and discomfort in mattresses. 

So you should keep your kids from jumping on the mattress and also not put extra weight on your mattress.

Final Words

Sleep number beds are innovative, smart, and have advanced technology which can change the overall mattress industry.

But some customers are complaining about its durability and reporting that the components of the sleep number mattress are wearing down fastly before the expected time.

But if you use sleep number beds correctly and take proper care then sleep number beds can last easily up to 12 years.

And if something happens to your mattress before 15 years then you can claim your warranty and replace your mattress with a new one.

If you have any questions regarding the sleep number bed’s warranty and durability then you can ask them in the comment section of this article.