Long Story Short: Do Sleep Number Beds Have Mold Problems: If you are buying a sleep number bed and heard that sleep number beds have mold then its very less likely for a sleep numbers beds to get mold,

so you can purchase sleep number bed without worrying about mold but if you use sleep number mattress which got mold then you can clean the sleep number mattress,

and protect the sleep number bed with a topper or cover.

Some customers who purchased sleep number beds in past, now they are complaining about mold growth in sleep number beds.

So do sleep number beds have mold problems? And why is it happening?

First, it’s not a common problem of mold growth in sleep number beds, and it’s very rare.

Because less than 3% of customers reported mold growth in sleep number beds and those were the beds manufactured before 2005.

So the chances of sleep number beds getting mold are very low.

And there is a lawsuit against sleep number bed for mold growth filed on 30 Oct. 2008.

So we will discuss what was the lawsuit and if there is a chance of the sleep number getting mold or not.

What is mold and what does it look like?

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Knowing what is mold is so important because lots of people get confused and thinks wear or filling seems against foamed area is mold.

The first mold is a fungal growth that forms and spread on a mattress.

And mold can look like black spots that grow into black patches on sleep number beds.

The older models of sleep number beds which are made before 2005 can get mold in their air bladders.

Sleep Number Mold Class Action Lawsuit 2008

This class action lawsuit was filed on Oct. 30 2008 in US District Court.

And in this lawsuit class action claims that sleep number beds are nothing but glorified air mattresses and overactive allergen mills.

And according to the lawsuit, the sleep number bed’s air chamber allows moisture to form under the mattress foam, which provides a perfect breeding ground for mold.

And these lawsuits happened because some customers reported mold growth under-mattress foam but there were no single complaints for customers who purchased their mattresses before 2005.

So the customers who purchased sleep number beds after 2005, have had no problems with mold growth in their beds because since then there is no complaints or reports of mold in sleep number beds.

Do Sleep Number Beds Have Mold Problems?

If you have purchased old models which are manufactured before 2005 then there is a chance that your mattress can get mold under-mattress foam.

But new models from sleep number bed can’t get mold because, after a lawsuit, sleep number bed redesigned their mattresses.

So if your sleep number bed is made before 2005 then you need to change your bed.

Because new models don’t have mold problems.

Should You Buy Sleep Number Beds?

Of course, you should definitely buy a sleep number bed because sleep number bed offers comfort and support according to your preference,

And if you are a couple looking for adjustable beds then there is no better option than sleep number beds.

Because sleep number beds also have two chambers so you can adjust their firmness from 0 to 100 and you can choose different firmness levels for both of you.

You can control the comfort, firmness, and support, and track your sleep on sleep number beds.

And if your partner snores while you sleep then sleep number also stops snoring.

Read this article for more: Do sleep number beds stop snoring?

And there are lots of amazing and innovative features in sleep number beds.

And if you are worried about mold growth in sleep number beds then don’t worry because new sleep number beds don’t get mold.

But for more prevention, you can use a mattress cover on the top of your sleep number bed for protecting against mold growth in the future.

But usually, new models from sleep number beds won’t get any mold.

Final Words

As I Said Before sleeping a number of beds won’t get mold if the model is not made before 2005.

And if your sleep number bed is newer then you don’t have to worry at all because you can enjoy sleeping on the sleep number bed without getting worried about mold problems.

There are lots of amazing, smart, and crazy features in the sleep number bed which can blow your mind.

So selecting the sleep number beds for your sleep can be the best investment of your life.

If you have any questions regarding mold growth in sleep number beds then you can ask them in the comment section of this article.

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