If you recently bought an Ikea mattress and wanted to take your new Ikea mattress home in your car but you are not sure about whether the Ikea mattress will fit in your car or not?

Then don’t worry we got you covered.

Can Ikea mattress fit in a car?

Yes, you can easily fit a rolled and packed Ikea mattress in your car but it also depends on which car you have and how much back seat space you have.

You can also use public transport bus with a trolley and ropes to deliver the mattress to your home.

But bringing your IKEA Mattress in your car is very easy but you need to fold down the passenger seats of your car and sacrifice comfort while moving your Ikea mattress,

Suppose you have Honda fit or Prius then it can take a twin size, double bedframes, slats and mid-beam, a fully built cabinet, and at the same time, 3 people will easily fit in the honda fit.

Any size of Ikea mattress will fit in your car but you need to make sacrifices for your comfort and fold the backseats for more space.

Can a Queen Size Ikea Mattress fit in a car?

Can Ikea Mattress Fit In A Car

You can fit a queen-size Ikea Mattress in your car only if it’s rolled and packed. But it also depends upon which type of car you have and how much space your car has on the backside.

Every size of Ikea mattress can fit in your car if you do a little bit of compromise on your comfort.

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Can a queen-size Ikea mattress (still rolled up) fit into a sedan

A queen size Ikea mattress can fit into a sedan if you rolled the mattress and fold down the back seats of your sedan.

You can fold down all passenger seats all the way forward to the back then you can create much more space in your car.

So a queen-size Ikea mattress can easily fit into your car or sedan if you do it the right way.

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Can a single person carry a queen size, Roll packed mattress from IKEA?

can ikea mattress fit in a car

If you want to bring your IKEA mattress to your home then you should use public transport to deliver IKEA mattress to your home,

You need to use a hand trolley and tie the mattress with two ropes.

So buying a good trolley can be cheap than paying for home delivery.

Will An IKEA Bed Frame Fit Into A Car?

Yes, the IKEA bed frame can be easily fitted into your car because the frames come in a box flat packed so you can easily fit this into your car.

And you can easily put things together once you get home because IKEA’s products are easy to put together without any need to drill holes in their product.

Final words on Can IKEA Mattress fits in a car

You can easily fit a twin or queen-size Ikea mattress into your car, by folding down all passenger seats in your car.

You can also use a public transport bus to bring your Ikea mattress to your home.

Use a hand trolley and tie the mattress with ropes to deliver the IKEA mattress home.

Because this way is way cheaper than home delivery.