If you are having a horrible experience with diarrhea or your baby accidentally pooped on your mattress then cleaning that mess can be difficult.

But if you know how to get rid of diarrhea out of mattress then it won’t be a problem for you to clean poop out of the mattress.

So don’t worry because there are proven ways to clean diarrhea out of mattresses.

But next time you need to prevent these types of accidents because prevention is better than cure.

For now, we are going to discuss How To Get Rid Of Diarrhea Out Of Mattress.

How to get rid of diarrhea out of mattress (Easy Step)

In this process, speed is also a crucial factor because you need to act fast or the stains can remains constant for months.

Things you will Need

For this process you will need some things to clean diarrhea out of the mattress, and here are some of those.

  • Rubber gloves
  • Enzyme based cleaners
  • Paper towel
  • White vinegar
  • Baking soda
  • disinfectant

After gathering these things you need to start the procedure.

Biological stains like vomit, urine, poop, or diarrhea can be difficult to remove it, so you need to use enzyme-based cleaners for specific stains.

Step 1: wear rubber gloves & Clean the waste

If the accident is fresh then you need to act as soon as possible but don’t forget to wear rubber gloves because they will protect you from toxins in diarrhea.

So you need to remove the waste from the mattress as much as you can.

So you need to clean the mattress until there is no more fecal matter.

Step 2: Spray Enzyme based cleaner on affected areas

After removing all fecal matter from the mattress, now you need to cover everything on the mattress with an enzyme-based cleaner.

Enzyme cleaner will break down protein in diarrhea stains and it will be very effective to remove diarrhea stains from the mattress.

After spraying the enzyme cleaner on the affected areas of the mattress you need to wait for 5 minutes.

Step 3: start blotting Excess Liquid 

After waiting for 5 minutes you need to start blotting the excessive liquid from the affected areas of the mattress.

But do not scrub it because it can spread more if you scrub on the affected areas.

Just simply start blotting from the outside of the stain into the center because it will prevent spreading the mess.

Step 4: Repeat Steps 2 & Step 3

So you need to repeat the steps until the mattress gets its original color.

And for getting rid of the diarrhea smell you can damp a sponge with white vinegar and use it on affected areas.

And let the white vinegar sits for 5 minutes and take a white paper towel and blot all the excess moisture from the mattress.

Step 5: Apply a disinfectant

After the mattress is back to its original color you need to apply disinfectant because it will kill all bacteria and germs from the mattress and diarrhea.

You can also use a diluted bleach solution but don’t use too much otherwise it can damage the fabric of the mattress.

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Step 6: sprinkle some baking soda and wait until it’s dry 

You can sprinkle some baking soda over the mattress because it will neutralize the smell of diarrhea.

After all of these steps make sure you put your mattress in a well-ventilated area.

In the last vacuum off all baking soda particles on the mattress and again wait until the mattress gets completely dry.

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How to get diarrhea smell out of the mattress?

Smells like urine, vomit, poop, or diarrhea can be strong and it’s difficult to get rid of them.

After cleaning diarrhea from the mattress if your mattress still has a bad smell then do these steps.

1. Make Your Room More Ventilated 

Open the windows of your room and turn on the fans because it will help to circulate fresh air and get rid of bad odor.

2. Spray Vinegar 

White vinegar will also help in eliminating bad odors like diarrhea, poop, or urine.

Just dab the vinegar into the soiled mattress to remove the smell of diarrhea.

3. Use Baking Soda & essential oils

Baking soda is a homemade remedy to remove any bad smell from the mattress.

Just add a few drops of your favorite essential oils into the baking soda and spread them into the affected areas of the mattress.

After that let it sit for at least 8 hours then you can vacuum off baking soda from the mattress.

4. Use commercial fragrance spray

You can easily find commercial fragrance spray outside of your house in any outdoor shop.

So spray it on the affected areas of the mattress to remove the smell of diarrhea from the mattress.

How to protect mattress from diarrhea

How To Get Rid Of Diarrhea Out Of Mattress

For future accidents, you need to prepare and make your mattress safe from diarrhea.

So to protect your mattress from future accidents you need to place a vinyl bed cover over it beneath the sheets.

Or you can use a waterproof mattress protector because you don’t have to clean the mattress after an accident happens.

How to Prevent From Mattress From Diarrhea

If you have diarrhea then there are things you will need to do.

  • Avoid eating dairy foods like milk, yogurt, and other milk-related or spicy food.
  • Avoid touching your face and mouth also wash your hands perfectly in the bathroom.
  • Stay hydrated as possible.

This will helps you reduce the chances of having diarrhea on your mattress.

How to Remove Fecal Stains from a Mattress?

You need to understand that fecal stains can have toxins so don’t let that directly into contact with your hands so wear hand gloves.

If the accident is fresh and soiled waste is present on your mattress then carefully pick it up and dispose it immediately.

After this use an enzyme cleaner to remove fecal stains from the mattress.

How to Remove Dried Poop Stains?

If the poop or diarrhea has been already dried then it is difficult to remove it but if you follow these steps then you can easily remove dried poop stains.

Way 1: Use Commercial Enzyme cleaner

Commercial enzyme cleaners are specifically designed to remove stains like poop, pee, or diarrhea.

These enzyme cleaners break down the protein inside the biological stains.

But make sure you check the label of the mattress because lots of mattress brands do not recommend using a commercial cleaner on their mattress.

Way 2: Steam Clean the Mattress

Steam clean can also be effective in removing set-in poop stains but always make sure that your mattress is completely dried up before using steam clean.

Way 3: Diluted Bleach Solution

You can also use a diluted bleach solution for removing dried poop stains.

Because bleach is a powerful disinfectant that can help in removing diarrhea or poop stains.

But always test on small areas before using all over to mattress.

If these all ways can’t help you then I recommend buying a new mattress.

How do you get the smell of poop and pee out of a mattress?

White vinegar can be really effective in removing the smell of poop and pee from the mattress.

And baking soda is also a homemade remedy for removing poop and pee smell from the mattress.

You can also add a few drops of your favorite essential oils in the baking soda for a great fragrance.

Final Words on Cleaning diarrhea out of mattress.

Diarrhea stains can be difficult to remove from the mattress but if you follow the right steps at right time then you can easily get rid of diarrhea from the mattress.

There is nothing to embarrassed or worried about anything,

Just make sure you do these steps immediately because speed is the crucial thing in all of this.