Long Story Short: Do Member’s Mark Mattresses Have Fiberglass: Yes, Member’s Mark Mattresses contain fiberglass,

Because the price of the member’s mark mattress is cheap so there is no way a company with a cheap price can afford to use natural flame retardants.

If you are considering buying Member’s Mark mattress then you need to know whether Member’s mark mattresses have fiberglass or not.

Member’s Mark mattresses are not the most popular mattresses on the internet but lots of people do like member’s mark mattresses.

Why do most people like member’s mark mattresses? Because they offer high-quality mattresses at cheap prices.

But does member’s mark mattresses have fiberglass?

Yes, Member’s Mark mattresses do contain fiberglass and I Have the Proof!

In this article, we will discover whether member’s mark mattresses have fiberglass or not and some other frequently asked questions about fiberglass.

Let’s get started.

Does Member’s Mark Mattresses Have Fiberglass?

Member’s mark mattress is all foam mattress in a box.

This mattress is made by Sam’s Club company and their mattresses are affordable and cheap.

Member's Mark Mattresses Have Fiberglass

This question is from Sam’s Club’s Official Website, when a user or someone asked a question about whether their mattress has fiberglass or not,

Then they replied with an answer “NO!” because their mattresses do not contain fiberglass and their mattress has 100% Polyurethan foam.

This is Totally Wrong! And I Will Expose them to how they are fooling their customers.

According to Federal Law of Commision, every mattress must have flame retardant in their mattresses in order to sell their mattresses in the united states.

So they can’t sell their mattresses if their mattresses do not have flame retardants.

And if Member’s Mark mattresses do have natural flame retardants then they should have told us or given some information about their flame retardants.

Instead of giving the name of the flame retardants they use, they are claiming their mattresses do not contain fiberglass and 100% polyurethane.

That’s just not possible because in order to sell their mattresses in the united states, they must need to use flame retardants.

So they are lying about containing fiberglass in their mattresses.

Because when they tell us their mattresses have fiberglass then their sales can decrease.

Another Reason Why Member’s Mark Mattresses Have Fiberglass

The price of member’s mark mattresses is affordable and cheap because when you see the price of their full mattress then it’s about $299.

Which is very cheap for a natural full mattress.

Because in this price range, there is no way that the company used a natural flame retardant in their mattresses.

Because natural flame retardants like wool, cotton, latex, rayon, rubber, and other natural flame retardants are expensive.

So the mattresses that use these natural flame retardants must be above $500.

This is a clear sign that Member’s Mark Mattresses do contain fiberglass in their mattresses.

Why Member’s Mark Use Fiberglass?

Don’t think that member’s mark mattress is the only mattress that has fiberglass in them.

Because nearly 80% of the mattresses in the US market alone have fiberglass in them.

But if fiberglass really dangerous then why should they use in the first place?

If fiberglass can cause health troubles then why government banned it?

The answer to this question is not simple as its sounds.

As I said before there is a federal law that makes it compulsory for mattress companies to use flame retardants in their mattresses.

This law is created to reduce the accidents which are caused by fire.

And when a mattress uses flame retardants then it can become fireproof for at least 30 seconds.

This law is made for protecting us.

But as you know there are two types of flame retardants.

The first one is natural flame retardants like wool, latex, rubber, rayon, cotton, and other natural flame retardants.

But these flame retardants can be expensive.

And the second one is cheap flame retardants like fiberglass.

Fiberglass is cheap and acts as a fire barrier in mattresses.

And 80% of the mattress companies sell affordable and cheap mattresses so how can they afford to use those natural but expensive flame retardants?

So they use fiberglass as a cheap alternative to make their mattresses fireproof and follow the rule of the government.

That’s why 80% of the mattresses contain fiberglass in their mattresses.

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How to Prevent Mattress From Leaking Fiberglass?

Does Member's Mark Mattresses Have Fiberglass

There are lots of ways to prevent your body from getting in contact with fiberglass from your mattress.

But usually, fiberglass won’t leak from the mattress because fiberglass should be always in the inner layers of the mattress.

So as long as you won’t cut your mattress or avoid any sharp objects from your mattress then you are totally safe.

But you can use a waterproof mattress cover to protect the mattress from leaking the fiberglass in any accidents.

Suppose your mattress cover got dirt and stains then you can’t remove it and wash it because when you remove the original cover from the mattress then if any wear or tear happens then fiberglass will start leaking.

That’s why using a waterproof mattress cover is the best way.

When you use a waterproof mattress cover then you don’t need to remove the original cover of that mattress because you can just wash the waterproof cover of the mattress.

This is how you can prevent fiberglass from leaking.

Final Words

Fiberglass can give you symptoms like nose bleeding, breathing problem, nose irritation, skin irritation, and other symptoms.

So it’s really dangerous and if the fiberglass is started leaking from the mattress then vacuum up the entire room and dispose of your mattress immediately.

If the fiberglass is spread across your overall house then call the experts.

Member’s mark mattresses do contain fiberglass so if you are considering buying that mattress then stay away.

If you have any questions regarding member’s mark mattress fiberglass then you can ask them in the comment section of this article.