If you have an old purple mattress and thinking about how to cut a purple mattress in half for other use then you have a point.

mattresses can be expensive, so instead of throwing them away, you need to make the best of the old mattress and create new items or things.

This idea of cutting your purple mattress in half will only come if your mattress is old because you can’t risk cutting a new purple mattress.

But can you cut purple mattress in half?

Yes, you can cut their both memory foam model and hybrid models depending upon which type of purple mattress you have.

There can be lots of reasons why you are cutting your purple mattress like if you are moving and your king-size purple mattress won’t fit in that room.

Or your purple mattress is old and you want to create a sofa, reuse the other parts or want to recycle.

Whatever the reason is,

In this article, we will discuss how to cut purple mattress in half.

Things You Will Need to Cut a Purple Mattress in Half

Cutting purple mattresses is easy but not simple especially if you don’t know anything about cutting the mattress.

But if you are a DIYer then you will love this process and enjoy this procedure.

For this process, you will need things that will help you cut purple mattress in half.

  • A Sharp Knife For Cutting 11 Inch Thick Purple Mattress
  • Scissors
  • Marker Pen
  • Measure Tape
  • Duct Tape
  • A Strong Glue For Foam Encasement
  • A strong pair of pliers (For a Hybrid Type of Mattress)
  • Wire Cutter (For Purple Hybrid Mattress)

Can you cut a Purple Mattress in Half?

Yes, like the other mattress, you can also cut purple mattress in half.

Whether you have purple’s memory foam mattress or a hybrid mattress you can cut them in half.

The foam type of purple mattresses can be easily cut in half but for hybrid models, you will also need to cut the coils or springs.

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How to Cut A Purple Mattress in Half (step by step)

Follow these simple steps when cutting your purple mattress in half.

Step 1: Pre Measurement

Before you start cutting your purple mattress, you need to know the measurements of everything.

Like the sizes of your mattress pieces, so you should first measure, and mark a line down the length or width of the mattress.

And you should also know the dimensions of your bedroom. 

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Step 2: Place Purple Mattress on Flat Surface

Of course, you will need a clean and flat surface to put on your purple mattress on.

If you have a large table then you can use that too or if you have a bed or platform bed then you can place your purple mattress on that.

Step 3: Cut Through the outer Material

After placing your purple mattress, measuring and marking down the size then you need to start cutting the purple mattress through its cover.

Make the initial cut in the purple mattress cover and use scissors to cut down the full length/width of the purple mattress cover.

Step 4: Cut Comfort Layers

After cutting the comfort layers, you need to start cutting the comfort layers because like other mattresses purple mattresses also have soft materials above the springs,

So use your sharp cutter to cut through this layer all the way along the mattress until you reach the spring or coil of the purple mattress.

(Note: If you have Purple Original Mattress then there is no spring in that mattress so you can just cut down all the way to the end)

Once your purple mattress exposes springs, mark the place where you want to cut each one to ensure it’s straight.

Step 5: Cut the Springs

Now you can use your cutting pliers to cut the spring material in your purple hybrid mattress.

Cutting springs can be tough so be patient and take your time.

Always choose the right kind of cutter because the wrong tool can’t cut hard springs.

Step 6: Fold Down Sharp Edges

After cutting the springs, the sharp edges of the springs can damage your mattress so you need to bend them.

You can use strong pair of pliers.

If you have a purple original memory foam mattress then you don’t have to follow steps 5 and step 6 because you can directly cut the memory foam in half.

After cutting purple mattress in half you can reglue the foam encasement, resew the fabric and cover your cut mattress with mattress cover.

Final Words

Purple mattress is one of the popular but expensive mattress in united states.

Purple mattresses can be heavy and big to transport or fit a big size purple mattress in a room.

So sometimes, it’s necessary to cut a purple mattress in half but if you don’t have any experience in cutting a mattress then I recommend selling your purple mattress.

You can sell your purple mattress in the market place for older mattresses but make sure your mattress is in proper condition.

If your purple mattress is not in good condition then it’s best if you recycle it.

If you have a purple mattress and wanted to cut your purple mattress in half and have any questions then you can ask them in the comment section of this article.