Long Story Short: Does Ghostbed Have Fiberglass: Yes, Ghostbed Mattress does have fiberglass if you want to know why ghostbed uses fiberglass, dangers of sleeping on ghostbed mattress and how to find fiberglass free mattress then read below.

Ghostbed is another well-known brand for years and ghostbed is known for its premium and expensive mattresses.

But Does Ghostbed Have Fiberglass?

Unfortunately, Ghostbed uses fiberglass in their mattresses to make their mattresses fireproof. Ghostbed Openly states that they have 38% glass fiber means fiberglass which can be pretty dangerous.

So what should do now? Should you buy ghosted’s mattress? But why Ghostbed use fiberglass, is it really dangerous?

What are some dangers of sleeping on ghost bed mattress? 

If you have these types of questions then don’t worry, we got you covered.

Let’s get started.

Does GhostBed Have Fiberglass?

Yes, Ghostbed contains 38% of fiberglass beneath their mattress cover.

You can clearly see on their mattress label about containing 38% of glass fiber which is nothing but fiberglass.

Fiberglass in mattresses can really dangerous and affect your health.

But why ghostbed use fiberglass?

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Why GhostBed Use Fiberglass?

does ghostbed have fiberglass

First, ghostbed is not the only mattress brand that uses fiberglass in their mattresses because more than 80% of mattresses contain fiberglass.

But if fiberglass is dangerous then why do most brands use them?

According to the Federal Law of Commision, Any Mattress Brand that sells mattresses in the united states must need to have flame retardant to make their mattresses fireproof for 30 seconds.

Because mattresses can get easily fired up and burn you alive, jokes apart.

So in order to make mattresses fireproof, they need to use flame retardants.

And flame retardants have two types first is natural and second is cheap but dangerous.

Natural flame retardants like wool, cotton, latex, rubber, and other natural materials can be expensive.

And most brand in the united states sells affordable mattresses and if they use these natural materials as flame retardants then they have to raise their prices but they don’t want to do that.

So instead of these natural flame retardants, the most brand uses fiberglass as flame retardant because it’s so cheap and easily available.

Fiberglass can acts as a barrier between fire and mattresses.

But fiberglass is a really dangerous material.

Where Do GhostBed Put Fiberglass in their Mattress?

Ghostbed is one of the popular and luxury mattress brands in the united states but still, it contains fiberglass.

If you want to find fiberglass in a ghost bed then just look at its mattress label and you can see that the mattress contains 38% of glass fiber.

But where do ghostbed puts fiberglass in their mattress?

Ghostbed puts fiberglass beneath the cover of their mattress, so if you remove or open the cover for a wash then you can easily see the fiberglass.

Fiberglass can look like a bunch of white hairs.

But do not try to touch it because it is a really dangerous material and can spread over your room so fast.

Dangers of Sleeping on GhostBed Mattress

Does Ghostbed Have Fiberglass

After knowing that ghostbed has fiberglass, suppose you still purchased their mattress.

And started sleeping on it, after some time if any accident like vomit, urinating or other small accidents happens then you have to remove the cover and wash it.

So when you remove the cover or any wear or tear can cause fiberglass to spread.

Fiberglass particles will come out of your mattress then it will spread all across your bedding and when you open the doors or turn on the fan then it will get contact with air.

And once it comes in contact with air then it will spread all across your house.

So you can’t remove fiberglass from your overall house because fiberglass is a very tiny particle.

And if your body gets contact with fiberglass then you can have symptoms like breathing problems, nose bleeding, throat irritation, skin irritation, nose irritation, and other dangerous health symptoms.

And all of your family members can have these same health issues and symptoms.

So fiberglass in mattresses is pretty dangerous and harmful.

You need to stay away from mattresses that have fiberglass in them just like ghostbed.

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How to Find Fiberglass in Mattress

Finding fiberglass in mattresses is not a tough task because you can easily find fiberglass in mattresses with some simple tricks.

Here are some proven and tested ways and tricks to find fiberglass in mattresses.

Way 1: Check the label

This is the easiest method to find fiberglass in mattresses because nearly all mattress lists their ingredients in their mattress label.

And we find fiberglass in ghostbed with this trick.

But for this trick, you need to have that mattress to check the mattress label but you can also see this mattress label online on the manufacturer’s site.

And if you find materials like glass fiber, fiberglass, or anything related to fiberglass then you can be sure your mattress has fiberglass.

If you don’t know too much about those ingredients then you can do a quick google search.

Way 2: Check Red Flags

Some mattress brands who want to fool their customers don’t list that their mattress has fiberglass and hides from their customers like nectar, vibe, zinus, lucid, and others.

So in this case, if these brands have warnings like “do not open the cover or do not remove the cover” then you can be sure that they have fiberglass.

Because As I said before mattress puts fiberglass beneath its cover and if you remove the cover then fiberglass particles may come out and expose their truth.

Way 3: Check Made in USA Tag

If your mattress has Made in USA tag then it means there is a low chance that your mattress has fiberglass,

Because most mattress brands in the united states have a “made in china” tag.

And everyone knows that china is known for its cheap quality products and their all mattresses contain fiberglass.

So if your mattress has a “made in china” mark then there is a high chance your mattress has fiberglass.

Should You Buy GhostBed Mattress?

After reading all dangers of fiberglass and knowing about fiberglass, it’s a mistake to buy ghostbed mattress.

Because fiberglass is really dangerous and ghostbed mattresses have fiberglass so if you want to save your health then don’t purchase ghostbed mattress.

There are better alternatives available in the market.

Final Words

Ghostbed mattresses have fiberglass so purchasing their mattresses is a stupid choice that can compromise your health.

So always stay away from mattresses that have fiberglass.

If you have any questions regarding ghostbed mattress fiberglass then you can ask them in the comment section of this article.