Long Story Short: Does Serta Mattress Have Fiberglass: No, Serta Mattress Does Not contains any fiberglass or harmful chemicals, Serta Mattresses are 100% Safe and natural, if you don’t belive me then read below. you will also know which flame retardant do serta use.

Serta is one of the most liked and popular mattress brands in the united states.

They manufacture a variety of mattresses, and all of them offer great comfort, support, and pressure relief to the sleeper.

But does Serta mattress have fiberglass?

No, Of course not. In fact, Serta is one of few brands that don’t use any toxic chemicals, like fiberglass, and other toxins.

Serta Has iComfort Mattresses and all are certified By CertiPUR-US.

 Based on my research and analysis over the web I found Serta Offer Mattresses without using any chemicals.

But which material does serta use instead of fiberglass? Because In order to make their mattresses fireproof, they need to use some flame retardant.

What’s inside the Serta mattress? And how do you know for sure that serta mattress has no fiberglass?

If you have these questions, then don’t worry we’ve got you covered.

Let’s get started.

Does Serta Mattress Have Fiberglass?

Does Serta Mattress Have Fiberglass

Serta is one of the few mattress brands that does not use fiberglass in their mattresses.

Because more than 80% of mattresses in the united states use fiberglass in their mattresses as a flame retardant to make their mattresses safe from fire.

But luckily serta uses natural flame retardant instead of fiberglass so you don’t need to worry about fiberglass.

Because its federal law to use flame retardant in mattresses for making mattresses safe from fire and mattresses must withstand fire for 30 seconds.

So fiberglass is a cheap flame retardant that most brands use to make their mattresses safe from fire.

Because fiberglass can act as a fire barrier in mattresses and protects mattresses from fire.

But also fiberglass is a really dangerous material that can affect your health.

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Which Flame Retardant Serta Use Instead of Fiberglass?

You can see this information on their official Site. 

does serta mattress have fiberglass

Serta uses natural cotton and other natural materials as flame retardants to make their mattresses safe from fire.

Serta mattresses can withstand fire for more than 30 seconds because they use natural flame retardant.

(Warning!  Don’t Try this in your home)

What if Serta Is Making Fake Claims?

This question is obvious because brands like nectar, vibe, and zinus create fake claims about their products and hide the fact that their mattress contains fiberglass.

They do this because fiberglass is a dangerous material and when people find out the truth then no one is going to buy their mattresses.

So like these brands serta can also lie about their products, right?

But there are some other factors which I did some research on and finally come to the conclusion that serta mattress does not contain fiberglass.

The manufacturer can lie, and companies can lie but their customers won’t.

Because I do not find a single review about their mattresses containing fiberglass.

And here are some other factors.

How to Find Fiberglass in Serta Mattress?

Does Serta Mattress Have Fiberglass

This trick is not only for serta mattresses because you can find fiberglass in any mattress with this trick.

There are some proven ways to find fiberglass in mattresses and here are some.

Way 1: Check Red Flags

This is an important factor when you are finding fiberglass in a mattress.

If your mattress has warnings like “do not open or remove the cover” without any valid reasons then there is a high chance that your mattress has fiberglass.

Because most mattresses put fiberglass beneath the cover and when you open or remove the cover then fiberglass particles can come out.

But we do not find this warning in serta mattress and serta mattress has a removable cover so if the serta mattress has fiberglass then why they will create a removable cover?

Way 2: Check the Label

The easiest and simple way to check if your mattress has fiberglass or not is by checking the mattress label.

Nearly all mattresses list their ingredients list on their mattress label.

And when you see fiberglass, glass fiber, or any material related to fiberglass then you know that your mattress has fiberglass.

But serta mattresses do not have any materials that are related to fiberglass, if you don’t know too much about these materials then you can do a quick google search.

Way 3: Know From their Real Customers

There is no better way for knowing whether that mattress has fiberglass or not than by knowing directly from their customers.

You can find lots of articles like this that did all research and analysis for the correct and right answer.

You can also search on Reddit, quora, and other forum sites to check whether your mattress has fiberglass or not.

And in this case, we only found positive reviews about serta mattresses.

From all these ways we finally come to the conclusion that serta mattresses do not have fiberglass.

Dangerous Of Fiberglass?

Some people might say, what’s the big deal with fiberglass?

It’s not that dangerous.

No, it’s not true because fiberglass is a very dangerous material and can affect your health drastically.

Suppose you are sleeping on a mattress that has fiberglass in it.

And when any wear or tear happens or if you accidentally removed the cover because your child urinated or vomited on the bed.

Then fiberglass particles may come out of the mattress and spread all across your bedding.

And once your body comes in contact with fiberglass then you can have symptoms like breathing problems, skin irritation, throat irritation, nose bleeding, asthma, and other dangerous symptoms.

And this is not even the end because when you turn ON fans or open the windows then fiberglass comes in contact with air spread all over your house.

And all of your family members can have the same symptoms.

After that it’s impossible to remove fiberglass from your house without an expert.

So its really dangerous to sleep on mattresses that have fiberglass in them,

So you should stay away from mattresses that have fiberglass.

But luckily serta mattresses do not have fiberglass so you can purchase serta mattresses.

Final Words

Serta is one of the natural mattress brands that has no harmful chemicals or toxins.

You can buy serta mattress without thinking twice.

Serta offers huge range of mattresses with different size, firmness, and options.

If you have any questions regarding serta mattress fiberglass then you can ask them in the comment section of this article.