Long Story Short: Does Graco Mattress Have Fiberglass: Sadly Yes, Graco Mattresses also contain fiberglass,

you will know why and how you can remove fiberglass, and find organic crib mattresses on Amazon.

Graco mattress is one of the popular crib mattresses on Amazon for babies but do you know that Graco mattress have fiberglass?

Yes, you read it right. Graco Crib Mattress does contain fiberglass in its cover.

Most parents who are buying crib mattresses for their babies even don’t know how dangerous fiberglass can be.

But believe me, if you are here then it means you have already heard horror stories about mattresses and fiberglass.

In this article, we will discuss how fiberglass in Graco mattress can harm your baby’s health.

And what should you do if you already have a graco mattress.

Let’s get started.

What is Fiberglass?

Fiberglass is nothing but fiber-reinforced plastic using glass fiber.

And believe me, this material is very dangerous and affects your health significantly.

Nearly 80% of mattresses use fiberglass as a flame retardant to make their mattresses safe from fire.

So fiberglass acts as a fire barrier in mattresses.

Does Graco Mattress Have Fiberglass?

does graco mattress have fiberglass

Yes, Graco Mattress Does Have Fiberglass.

After some research, I found that Graco Crib mattresses have fiberglass on their cover. 

And lots of babies and their parents suffer from fiberglass contaminants and have serious health issues.

Graco Mattress Have Fiberglass

This image is directly from the product page of the Graco crib mattress on Amazon.


And when you search fiberglass in their FAQs section then you can see that most parents who purchased this crib mattress are confirming that Graco mattress have fiberglass.

And the worst part is these parents even don’t know how dangerous fiberglass can be.

Because one of the parents had fiberglass in their hands.

If you touch the fiberglass then you can have tons of dangerous and serious health symptoms.

So those people even don’t know how dangerous fiberglass can be.

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Why does Graco Mattress Use Fiberglass?

Graco is not the only mattress brand that uses fiberglass because nearly 80% of the mattress brands use fiberglass in their mattresses.

But why is that? If fiberglass really dangerous then why do these mattress brands use fiberglass in the first place?

According to the federal law of commissions, Every mattress brand selling their mattresses in the united states must need to have flame retardants to protect their mattresses from fire.

This law is created by the federal government to reduce accidents by fire.

So as long as all mattress brands follow this rule, they can sell their mattresses in the united states.

And there are two types of flame retardants in the market.

The first is a natural one that includes rayon, cotton, latex, wool, rubber, and other natural flame retardants.

But these natural flame retardants can be really expensive for companies that sell affordable mattresses.

On the other hand, there are cheap flame retardants like fiberglass and silica.

Silica and fiberglass are the same, both are dangerous.

And most of the mattress brands that sell mattresses in the united states are companies that sells affordable and cheap mattresses.

So they can’t afford to use those natural but expensive flame retardants so they have no choice but to use fiberglass in their mattresses.

Because fiberglass can act as a fire barrier in mattresses.

But the effect of fiberglass in mattresses can be really dangerous.

If you want to know how dangerous fiberglass can be then read this.

How Dangerous Fiberglass can be?

suppose you purchased a mattress that has fiberglass inside the cover.

If you accidentally removed the cover or washed the cover or any wear or tear happens to the cover of your mattress.

Then fiberglass particles can start coming out of the mattress.

Once the fiberglass particles come out of the mattress then they can spread across your bed.

And once your body gets contact with fiberglass then you can have serious health issues.

You can face symptoms like breathing problems, nose bleeding, nose irritation, skin irritation, throat irritation, asthma, and other serious health issues.

And this is not the end because once the fiberglass gets contact with air then fiberglass can spread all over your house.

So it makes it impossible to remove them.

How Can Graco Mattress Affect Baby’s Health?

As I said before, Graco mattresses also have fiberglass and once the fiberglass starts coming from the mattress then it’s going to get worse.

You can imagine how fiberglass is dangerous for even adults then imagine how dangerous it can be for babies.

Your baby can face the same health symptoms like breathing problems, nose irritation, skin irritation, throat irritation, and others.

So you need to throw away your Graco mattress if you already have one.

And if you are considering buying a crib mattress for your baby then choose a natural crib mattress that doesn’t have fiberglass.

Final Words

Fiberglass is a really dangerous material in mattresses, and Graco crib mattresses also have fiberglass in their cover.

So you need to understand this, fiberglass is not even safe for adults then how can you say fiberglass is safe for babies?

Most people even don’t know about fiberglass but still use fiberglass-contained crib mattresses for their babies.

So if you want to get a safe and natural crib mattress for your baby then you should should get a fiberglass-free crib mattress.

And most of the crib mattresses from Amazon has fiberglass in them so make sure you purchase crib mattress from reputed mattress brands.

If you have any questions regarding Graco mattress fiberglass then you can ask them in the comment section of this article.