If you are on camp and your sleeping bag is slipping off then it’s very frustrating.

And also if your sleeping bag slips off from the pad or air mattress then you can get contact with cold grounds in winter.

Sliding from the air mattress or sleeping pad can also cause you health problems if you get contacted with the ground.

And lots of campers can’t get proper sleep because their sleeping bag always slides off.

So it’s really important for you to know how to keep sleeping bag from sliding off pad.

And we found some best ways on how to keep sleeping bag on pad.

In this article, we are going to discuss some amazing and unique ways to keep the sleeping bag on pad.

Why my Sleeping Bag is Sliding on Pad or Air Mattress?

When you put your sleeping bag on a sleeping pad or on an air mattress then it can cause friction and slide off.

Because sleeping bags and sleeping pads or air mattresses are made from the same material which is nylon and nylon is like plastic.

And when you put a sleeping bag on a sleeping pad then they will rub against each other and slides off.

So now what? 

Here are some ways to stop slipping off sleeping bag on sleeping pad.

11 Ways to keep Sleeping Bag from Sliding off Pad

11 Ways to keep Sleeping Bag from Sliding Off Pad

There are lots of ways to keep your sleeping bag on a sleeping pad, but we will discuss only popular, proven, and tested ways to solve this problem.

So here are some top ways to put the sleeping bag on a sleeping pad.

Way 1: Use Sweater 

Before modifying your gear and stuff, I will suggest you use what you already have.

If you are already on the camp and wanted to keep your sleeping bag on the sleeping pad then try this way.

Once you position your tent and roll up your sweater into a ball and put it under the sleeping mat and make sure you place it below your butt.

Because this will create a ramp that will keep your sleeping bag in one position.

You can also put a sweater on the sleeping pad as it wearing it because this will keep the pad from sliding on the tent.

Way 2: Use Velcro Straps

You can use velcro for attaching your sleeping bag and sleeping pad. Because velcro strips can attach the bottom side of the sleeping bag and the top side of the sleeping pad.

You can find velcro straps from your nearby outdoor stores.

But make sure you clean the sleeping pad and sleeping bag to attach them strongly.

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Way 3: Apply Grip Tape

This grip tape does similar work to velcro straps.

First, clean your sleeping bag and pad and remove all dust, dirt, and debris.

This trick can solve your slipping problem in a matter of seconds.

Just cut the strips of grip tape and place them on the hip and shoulder areas of your sleeping bag and sleeping pad.

Again this is also a Temporary solution but this will do the job.

Way 4: Use Duct Tape

Believe it or not, this trick is the easiest one to stop sliding off your sleeping bag on the pad.

But this is not a long-term solution, this trick is for an immediate and temporary solution to stop the sliding problem of the sleeping bag.

Just tape your sleeping bag to your sleeping pad and attach them correctly.

This trick will do the job but it’s not the best way to stop your problem.

Way 5: Use Non-Slipping Mats

First, carrying more staff for a hiker or camper will add more weight so as long as you are a car camper then you can use this trick.

Because car campers can carry more if you are not a car camper then see the next way.

If you are not already on a camping trip then purchase a cheap non-slip mat before you head out on your camping trip.

And place the non-slipping mats between the sleeping pad and sleeping bag because this will stop the sliding of the sleeping bag from the sleeping pad.

If you don’t find non-slipping mats then yoga mats can also work fine.

Way 6: Use a Sleeping Pad with Non-Slip Coating 

Lots of campers use sleeping pads with non-slip coating and they are specially designed for staying in one position without any slippery.

You can also make your normal sleeping pad into a non-slippery version.

Take contact cement or super grip fabric spray and just put a thin layer of contact cement or super grip spray on your sleeping pad.

Way 7: Buy a Wide Sleeping Pad

Most people do mistakes when choosing a narrow sleeping pad because if you choose your sleeping pad narrow then you can’t fit your sleeping bag on your sleeping pad.

So always buy a wider sleeping pad, and how much wider?

Wider enough for two people or at least half of the size of your tent.

If you don’t want to try everything then use only this trick because only using this trick can solve your sliding problem permanently.

Way 8: Create a Hook attachment 

If you want to solve your slipping problem then attach small clips or hooks to the sides of your sleeping bag.

You can also get these already attached hooks with the sleeping system.

But if your sleeping bag doesn’t have these hooks or clips then you can also create of your own.

Way 9: Make Gear Fence 

Another way to solve your problem of slipping is to create a fence with your gears.

And this gear could be anything like your extra sweater, backpack, or anything near you.

So to make this fence work, you need to create a barrier between the sides of the tent and you.

This gear fence method is best when you have uneven terrain.

Way 10: Deflate Your Sleeping Pad

If your sleeping pad is overinflated then the sleeping bag can easily slide off.

So you need to deflate some air inside of your sleeping pad to make your sleeping pad less slippery.

This way you will lose your comfort but you can solve your slipping problem.

Way 11: Put Sleeping Pad inside the Sleeping Pad

This trick has its own pros and cons.

But this is the easiest way to solve your sliding problem.

This trick does not require any velcro straps, grip, or duct tape so you can easily apply this trick to solve your problem.

Just put your sleeping pad inside of your sleeping bag then all of your problems will disappear.

So if your sleeping pad size is small and narrow then you can easily fit your sleeping pad into your sleeping bag.

Final words on How to Stop Slipping off Sleeping Pad

Lots of hikers and campers face this issue while camping.

When you place your sleeping bag on your sleeping pad or air mattress then it’s obvious that your sleeping bag can slide off.

So you need to stop this sliding problem immediately.

And there are lots of ways you can stop this problem which I mentioned above.

If you have any questions regarding this article then you can ask them in the comment section of this article.