If you are going for a road trip with your family, moving, camping, or traveling then a queen mattress and a minivan will make your journey more comfortable.

A queen mattress can be perfect for couples or kids but a queen mattress doesn’t fit in a regular car. 

But if you are creative enough and know how to fit a queen mattress in minivan then its simple.

Can Queen Mattress Fit in Minivan?

Yes, Queen Mattress can fit in a minivan but you need to be creative and sacrifice the backseats and passenger seats. 

Depending upon the model of your minivan you can easily fit a queen mattress in a minivan.

In this article, we are going to discuss step-by-step processes like calculating the cubic feet in your cargo space and how you can create more space for your mattress.

So let’s get started.

What is the Size of a Queen Mattress?

The queen mattress is 80 inches long and 60 inches wide or 150 cm x 200 cm (H x L)

And two people can easily sleep on a queen-size mattress and queen size is the most common size for couples.

Some countries can have different dimensions but we are going to discuss queen size in the united states.

So after knowing the size of a queen mattress, let’s know the size of your minivan and which models queen mattress can fit easily.

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Cargo Space in Minivan

How much cargo space a minivan has depends from model to model.

In general, most minivans are 63 inches wide and 84 inches wide.

And SUVs are 196 inches long and 77 inches wide, you may thing SUVs are longer than a minivan and has more space.

But it’s wrong because most of the part in SUVs is taken by the engine, front end, front seats, and back seats, and has small cargo space.

On the other hand, a minivan has more cargo space than an SUV.

And the Cargo Space of the Minivan is about 30 cubic feet and the SUV has 20 cubic feet of cargo space without seats folded down.

But there are lots of models in the minivan so you need to know which models can easily fit with a queen mattress.

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In which models of Minivan a Queen Mattress can fit?

can queen mattress fit in minivan
  • You can easily fit a queen-size mattress into a compact minivan without passenger seats
  • You can’t fit a queen-size mattress into a combi minivan L1(Short) model.
  • You can’t fit a queen-size mattress into an extended combi minivan with passenger seats but you can remove the passenger seats and fit your mattress.
  • The average dimension of the compact minivan is 87”-59”-49”.
  • The average dimension of double-cab-van is 71”-57”-49”
  • The average dimension of a double-cab-van (extra long) is 85”-57”-49”.

Compact minivans have an empty cargo space and two front seats, and the double-cab-in van has additional two flexible passenger seats and less cargo space.

The combi minivan has additional extra 3 passenger seats with no cargo space.

Can Queen Mattress Fit in Minivan?

Yes, a Queen mattress can fit in a minivan depending on the model and brand you have.

Queen mattresses can easily fit if you have a combi minivan with no passenger seats but for other minivan models, you can fold down some passenger seats.

So measure everything before you start fitting your queen mattress into your minivan.

I Already told you the size of a queen mattress, now you need to calculate the cubic space of your minivan.

Volume in cubic feet = Length (feet) x Width (feet) x Height (feet).

Use this formula for calculating the cubic feet of space in your minivan.

So let’s know how can you fit a queen-size mattress in a minivan.

How to Fit a Queen Size Mattress In Minivan

can queen mattress fit in minivan

If you want to fit your mattress into your minivan then first you need to remove all seats and measure everything.

Because I can’t tell you the right dimensions of your minivan.

Follow these simple steps to fit a queen-size mattress in a minivan.

Step 1: Remove or Fold Down the Third & Middle Row Seats

If you want to fit a queen-size mattress into a minivan then you need to fold down the third-row and middle rows seats of your minivan.

If your seats can’t fold in your minivan then remove the seats.

Because folding down third rows seats won’t be enough for a queen mattress to fit in your minivan so you need to also remove or fold middle-row seats.

Step 2: Calculate the space

After removing or folding middle-row and third-row seats, now calculate the amount of space in your minivan.

Determine how much space your mattress requires and how much space your minivan has in its cargo.

And calculate the length and width of your cargo space and your mattress.

Use that information for fitting your queen mattress into your minivan.

Step 3: Cover your Mattress

This step is really important for protecting your mattress from dirt, dust, and debris.

So use a mattress cover on your mattress or if you don’t have a mattress cover then cover your mattress with huge plastic sheets or a tarp,

Step 4: Put your Mattress into your Minivan

Now, this is the final step, after knowing the dimensions of your minivan and the mattress.

Take your mattress to your minivan and carry the mattress vertically inside your minivan.

You can get help from another person to safely carry your mattress in your minivan.

Put your mattress inside through the back of the cargo door.

You can also calculate the door space but the best position for moving your mattress through the back of the cargo door is flat,

But do not fold your mattress.

Now your mattress is perfectly fitted inside your minivan.

Final Words

A queen mattress can easily fit inside a minivan.

All you need to do is calculate the cargo space in your van and also know the dimensions of your mattress.

A queen mattress will fit into a minivan if you fold or remove the third-row and middle-row seats of your van.

After fitting a queen mattress into your minivan you can enjoy sleeping in your minivan.

If you have any questions regarding the queen mattress in the minivan then you can ask them in the comment section of this article.