After purchasing a new memory foam mattress, what are some best foundations for your memory foam mattress?

There are several options of bed foundations for memory foam mattresses like boxsprings, metal bed frames, wooden frames, and others.

But the most popular bed foundation for memory foam mattresses is plywood.

So can you put a memory foam mattress on plywood?

Yes, Plywood offers great and extra support than other bed foundations. And plywood not only elevates your mattress from the ground but also provides great airflow and improves the memory foam mattress’s lifespan.

But how thick should plywood be or how to put a memory foam mattress on plywood and what are some other bed foundations options for memory foam mattress?

Let’s get started.

Can You Put a Memory Foam Mattress On Plywood?

Plywood is one of the popular and best bed foundations for memory foam mattresses and yes, you can put a memory foam mattress on plywood.

Plywood is an affordable bed base for a memory foam mattress that provides support and increases airflow.

If you use plywood sheets under your memory foam mattress then it can increase the lifespan, strength, and stability of your mattress.

And plywood is more durable than any other bed foundation.

So plywood is a cost-effective solution for memory foam.

Type of Plywood & How thick it Should Be?

This is the most crucial part of this process because selecting the right type of plywood is very important.

And the thickness of plywood depends on the size and type of your mattress.

But you can select ¾ inches thick regular AB or BC Softwood plywood.

Some people think that the thinner plywood is best for sleepers and also supports the weight of the mattress.

Then why do we need thick plywood?

Thick plywood maximizes stiffness and prevents back pain and also supports heavier mattresses.

But you can use a 19 mm size of thickness for a single-sized bed and 30 mm for a double-sized bed.

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How to Put A Memory Foam Mattress On Plywood

Placing a plywood under memory foam mattress is very simple and easy.

Follow these simple steps for putting plywood under your memory foam mattress.

Step 1: Start measuring

This step is the most time-consuming and crucial in this process.

AB and BC are the most popular choice for plywood.

Now measure the bed foundation surface area, so you can get cut plywood of that size in a hardware store.

At least choose ¾ inches of thick plywood which will give proper support and make your mattress more durable.

And the panel should be at least ⅜ inches thick but make sure it’s not thinner than ¾ inches.

Step 2: Install It

Now, after measuring everything, lift the mattress and lay the trimmed panel on the foundation.

After that reposition your mattress on the top.

Step 3: Test it

Now try to lie on your bed and move around and test everything is fine.

And make sure there is no creaking or bending from the foundation.

What Are Other Options Of Bed Foundations For Memory Foam Mattress?

Of course, plywood is not the only bed foundation option for memory foam mattresses because there are a lot better bed foundations than plywood for your mattress.

There are lots of types of bed foundations like box springs, platform beds, metal bed frames, solid bases, and others.

But you should always choose a breathable, and supporting foundation for your memory foam mattress.

Here are some options and types of foundations.

Option 1: Box Spring

This is one of the common and older types of foundations for a memory foam mattress.

Boxsprings are sturdy platform bases for mattresses that are used for traditional innerspring mattresses.

Boxsprings can add height to the mattress and absorb pressure.

But boxsprings are not recommended for memory foam mattresses.

Option 2: Slatted Foundations/Platform Beds

Bed Slats are nothing but solid wooden planks which are arranged across the bed frame.

They are affordable and easy to move around.

You can even customize these slats according to the size of your bed.

They have great airflow because they create gaps, and also these gaps can make your bed more comfortable.

These types of foundations are cheaper and more durable.

3 inches of Space between the slats is enough for preventing sagging.

These foundations are great options for memory foam.

Option 3: Metal BedFrames

Metal bed frames can’t be used as bed foundations alone.

Because you need to add additional metal slats for support and durability.

You can also use a boxspring with metal slats for more support and airflow.

And these metal frames can be lightweight, portable, and easy to assemble.

This bed foundation does not promote bed bugs and these are germ-free.

Option 4: Solid Base

The solid base is another option for memory foam mattresses and mostly made up of wood or metal.

Solid bases are very durable and supportive.

They also add height to the bed and promote great airflow and a solid base can be a great option for memory foam mattresses.

So these were the bed foundation options for memory foam mattresses.

What is the Best Bed Foundation For Memory Foam Mattress?

A platform bed or slatted foundation can be best for a memory foam mattress.

A slatted foundation can make your memory foam mattress more comfortable and promotes great airflow within its space.

And they are also good for maintaining cleanliness and hygiene.

Final Words

Plywood is a great option for memory foam mattresses as bed foundation but the slatted foundation is best, durable, and promotes great airflow.

Plywood is also a cheap and affordable option for a memory foam mattress.

Putting plywood under your memory foam mattress is so simple just measure the foundation space and choose the thickness of the plywood at least ¾ inches.

The thicker plywood will make your bed more supportive and strong.

It also increases the lifespan of a memory foam mattress and makes your mattress more breathable.

If you have any questions regarding memory foam on plywood then you can ask them in the comment section of this article.