If you are considering buying a sleep number bed and wanted to know whether sleep number beds can get bed bugs in the future or not?

Then you are on the right article.

Can sleep number beds get bed bugs?

Yes, unlike the other mattresses sleep number beds can also get bed bugs if your place is bed bug-infested so you need to always clean all beddings of sleep number beds regularly for preventing bed bug infestation.

And if your place is not bed bug-infested then sleep number bed can’t just get bed bugs of its own because bed bugs can come from pets and other furniture.

But how to clean sleep number beds so you can’t get bed bugs in the future?

And what are some proven ways to prevent sleep number beds from getting infested by bed bugs?

If you have these questions don’t worry, we got you covered.

How to Prevent Sleep Number Beds From Bed Bugs

As I said Before it doesn’t matter which bed you use, if you do certain things that attract bed bugs to your bed then bed bugs can come and live on your bed.

So there are some ways to prevent sleep number beds from getting bed bugs.

Way 1: Use Mattress Encasement

The easiest way to prevent your mattress from bed bugs is using a mattress encasement.

Mattress encasements are designed for pillows, box springs, and mattresses.

And using mattress encasements will fail bed bugs from hiding in your bed.

Because most bed bugs hide in cracks, seams, or boxsprings of a bed so if you seal the area around the mattress and used mattress encasements for your mattress then bed bugs can’t hide in your mattress.

So even if your bed gets bed bugs then you can easily find and kill them.

Way 2: Use Protective bed Bug Repellant Cover

Another way to protect the sleep number bed from getting get bugs is to use a protective bed bug-repellant cover.

You can easily find these cover online or in any other supermarket.

And this cover will seal your mattress, it will kill old bed bugs from your mattress, and prevent new ones from hopping on.

Way 3: Slipping Interceptor cups

Slipping interceptor cups is a product you need to place under the legs of the bedframes.

And these products will make it difficult for bed bugs to climb up on the top of your mattress.

So if the bed bugs come and get trapped in the contraption.

Way 4: Clean & Vacuum Up Mattress Regularly

You need to clean the bedding of your sleep number mattress and vacuum the sleep number mattress regularly.

So cleaning and vacuuming your mattress can spot bed bugs before they cause a bigger infestation.

And vacuuming and changing sheets and blankets once a week can keep your mattress clean and prevents bed bugs.

Way 5: Don’t Bring Bed Bugs into Home

If your house doesn’t have any bed bugs infestation then most of the time you bring bed bugs from outside.

Because if you purchase any second-hand furniture then bed bugs can hide in their cracks or holes.

And bed bugs can also hide in your clothes, and suitcase during vacations.

So make sure you wash them before bringing them into your home.

So these were some ways to prevent sleep number bed from getting bed bugs.

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Can Sleep Number Beds Get Bed Bugs?

Yes, Sleep Number beds can get bed bugs if you don’t prevent them from bed bugs.

You need to take proper care of your sleep number bed such as using mattress encasement for your beddings, and using a protective bed bug repellant cover so bed bugs can’t get on your mattress.

Regularly clean bedding and vacuum your mattress.

Are Sleep Number beds bedbug-proof?

Sleep number beds have fully encased systems so bed bugs can’t get on sleep number beds.

But bed bugs are bed bugs they can come on any mattress so you have to prevent your sleep number bed from bed bugs.

How to Remove Bed Bugs From Sleep Number Bed

If you have a sleep number bed and if your bed gets bed bugs then you need to remove them as soon as possible.

Because bed bugs can multiply their counts in days,

But before you start removing the bed bugs from your sleep number beds, make sure your bed has bed bugs or not because there may be other pests.

So after knowing the signs of bed bugs in your bed, let’s know how to remove them.

There are lots of ways to remove bed bugs from mattresses.

Way 1: Heat Treatment

For removing bed bugs from your bed, starts washing the bedding of your mattress in hot water.

You can remove pillows, sheets, blankets, linens, and pillowcases, and wash them on the highest temperature settings.

Because bed bugs can’t survive at higher temperatures.

And for removing bed bugs from the mattress, use a vacuum cleaner to suck them up all bed bugs from your mattress.

Way 2: Call Pests Service

If you don’t know anything about removing bed bugs then simply just call nearby pests service and remove bed bugs completely from professionals.

Because even if you remove bed bugs from your mattress, bed bugs will always come if they hide in other furniture in your room.

So once you detect your bed has bed bugs then always treat your overall home for removing bed bugs completely.

This is the best and smart choice for removing bed bugs once and for all.

Final Words

Sleep number bed is one of the best and smart mattresses of 2023 and is fully encased and covered.

But bed bugs are bed bugs they can get on anything so you have to make sure that bed bugs won’t come on your sleep number bed anyway.

You can use protective bed bugs proof cover, slipping interceptors, or mattress encasements for protecting your mattress from bed bugs.

If you have any questions regarding sleep number beds then you can ask them in the comment section of this article.