Ashley furniture is a known brand from the 1940s with 30 million pieces of furniture purchased every year.

Ashley offers innerspring, hybrid, and memory foam mattresses at a budget-friendly price and is popular for offering high-quality mattresses at affordable prices.

But do Ashley Mattresses Have Fiberglass?

Yes, Ashley Mattresses Have Fiberglass. Unfortunately, they do not mention fiberglass in their product description but lots of people who used Ashley mattresses complain about fiberglass in their mattresses.

Most of the models from Ashley have fiberglass in their mattresses but still, they hide the fact their mattresses contain fiberglass.

That’s why they also have a lawsuit against them.

What should you do now? Should you purchase Ashley Mattress? How to know for sure that Ashley’s mattress has fiberglass? 

Dangerous of fiberglass and how you can find them in any mattress?

If you have these questions then don’t worry we’ve got you covered.

Do Ashley mattresses Have Fiberglass?

I did Some research on Reddit, quora, amazon, Ashley’s Offical Website, and all over the web and found some real customers of Ashley complaining about fiberglass in their mattresses.

Here are some reviews on amazon.

These reviews clearly state that Ashley mattresses have fiberglass in them.

There are lots of reviews from verified purchasers of Ashley mattresses who claim that their mattresses have fiberglass.

So Yes, Based upon my research and analysis on the overall web and taking opinions from real customers of Ashley the mattress is fiberglass.

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Why do Ashley Mattresses Have Fiberglass?

Not only Ashley but more than 80% of mattress brands in the united states has fiberglass in their mattresses.

But why do mattress companies use fiberglass if it really dangerous?

According to the Federal Law Of Commission, Every Mattress Brand in the United States must use flame retardant to make their mattresses fireproof for at least 30 seconds.

It means it’s compulsory for mattress companies to make their mattresses safe from fire and protect the mattress from a fire at least for 30 seconds.

And to make mattresses fireproof for 30 seconds, they need to use flame retardant which can act as a fire barrier in mattresses.

Because mattresses can get easily fired up if they come into contact with fire if they don’t use flame retardant in them.

So there are two types of flame retardants,

  • Natural flame retardant
  • Dangerous But Cheap Flame Retardant Like Fiberglass

Natural Flame retardants like wool, cotton, latex, nylon, and other natural flame retardants can be expensive.

And most mattress companies sell affordable mattresses so they can’t use these expensive flame retardants because they need to cut down their profit margins or increase the cost of their products.

But they have to maintain their price point to get more sales and also can’t just cut down their profit margins.

So they choose cheap flame retardants like fiberglass to follow government guidelines.

But these cheap flame retardants can be really dangerous but they don’t have a choice other than to use fiberglass.

That’s why most brands including Ashley use fiberglass in their mattresses.

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Dangerous of Fiberglass

These brands use fiberglass and don’t have any choice that doesn’t mean that you should use their mattress.

Because you do have a choice.

Fiberglass is a really dangerous material that can affect your health significantly.

Suppose you use a mattress that has a fiberglass and when your body comes in contact with fiberglass then you can have major health issues like nose bleeding, breathing problem, nose irritation, throat irritation, skin irritation, asthma, and other dangerous symptoms.

And if the fiberglass comes in contact with air then it can spread all over your house and make it impossible for you to remove fiberglass.

All of your family members can get the same symptoms if they come into contact with fiberglass.

So fiberglass in mattresses is really dangerous, and you should stay away from those with fiberglass.

Should I Buy Ashley’s Mattress After Knowing about Fiberglass?

After knowing the Ashley mattress has fiberglass then its a mistake to buy their mattresses.

There are much better alternatives like tuft and needle which comes at affordable price and has no fiberglass.

Do not purchase mattresses from Ashley because fiberglass can affect your health.

But if you already have ashley mattress then return or replace the mattress because sleeping on mattresses which have fiberglass is not safe.

How to Find Fiberglass in Mattress?

Finding fiberglass in mattresses is not a difficult task because anyone can find fiberglass in any mattress.

And there are lots of ways to find fiberglass in any mattress.

Let’s discuss some of those in this session.

Way 1: Read the Mattress Label

The easiest way to find fiberglass in a mattress is by checking the mattress label because nearly all mattresses list their ingredients on their mattress label.

And if you find materials like fiberglass or anything related to fiberglass then you can be sure that the mattress has fiberglass.

But for this trick, you need to have their mattress, and many mattress brands hide that their mattress has fiberglass like Ashley, nectar, vibe, and others.

But don’t worry, we got another way for finding fiberglass in their mattresses.

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Way 2: Check Reviews from their Real Customers.

If you don’t have a mattress or don’t trust what the manufacturer says then you can read reviews from quora, Reddit, and amazon but don’t check the reviews from their official website.

Because reviews can be manipulated on their official website.

And if you read lots of customers complaining about fiberglass in their mattresses then that mattress has fiberglass.

Final Words

Yes, Ashley is well-known brand for years and sells affordable mattress but sadly their beds has fiberglass.

Please do not use mattresses that have fiberglass because fiberglass can harm your health and give you various health issues.

Using a mattress that has fiberglass is playing with your health.

If you have any questions regarding Ashley mattress fiberglass then you can ask them in the comment section of this article.