Long Story Short: Why Don’t Mattresses Have Handles: The Older Models of Mattresses Had Flippable Design So anyone can flip the mattress using their handles but new moderm mattresses are single sided mattresses so they don’t need handles.

Two handles in mattresses were pretty common that day and people loved that type of mattress,

now modern mattresses don’t use two handles, But Why Don’t Mattresses Have Handles?

The reason is simple, older mattresses can have a flippable design so you can flip them with their handles and they will last long.

But the modern types of mattresses are not flippable so you don’t need two handles to flip it and if you can’t flip the mattress then it won’t stay long.

And what are some other hidden motives of mattress companies for not using two handles?

How can you carry a mattress without two handles and some other techniques?

Let’s get started.

Relation Of Mattress & its Handle

Mattress and its handles were pretty common in past years, it may not be true in present but in past, they already has strong relationship.

Because most people use handles to lift their mattresses from one location to another or flip their mattresses with handles.

Modern mattresses don’t have handles because you don’t need to flip them, they are designed to be a one-sided mattress.

But if you want to move your mattress from one location to another and if your mattress is heavy then it can be difficult to move your heavy mattress without any handles.

Take purple mattresses for example, purple mattresses do not have any handles and purple mattresses can be pretty heavy.

So if you want to move your purple mattress without handles then you will need more people.

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Original Use of Mattress Handles

If you do some digging then you will know some shocking facts.

The strange fact is that the original use of mattress handles is not meant for moving the mattresses or flipping them.

It actually meant for adjusting the mattress on the bedframe.

Because adjusting a heavy mattress on the bedframe can be tough without two handles, and you need to perfectly fit your mattress on the bedframe otherwise it can move.

But most people in past don’t use the handles for fitting a mattress on a bedframe rather they use handles for heavy mattresses to move from one location to another.

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Do Mattresses Really Need Handle?

If you are worried and frustrated about why don’t mattress have handles then you need to know that there is no need.

Modern Mattresses do not need any handles anymore, because modern mattresses are one-sided so you don’t need to flip them.

And if you want to move your heavy mattress without any handles then there are more simple and easy ways to do that without using mattress handles.

We will discuss them in the end.

Why Don’t Mattresses Have Handles?

As I said before, modern mattresses have a single one-sided design so you don’t need to flip them and for moving modern mattresses there are more easy options than using mattress handles.

And mattress companies also want to save money by not creating mattress handles for mattresses.

But what are some easy and best options to move your mattress?

How To Carry and Move the Mattress?

Carrying your mattress without handles, sounds difficult right?

But no, it’s so simple, and anyone can carry their mattress easily without the need for handles.

Flipping a mattress is not an issue because mattresses are designed for using one side only but if your mattress doesn’t have handles for lifting then you don’t have to worry at all.

Because there are better ways to move or carry a mattress without using mattress handles.

Use a strap under your mattress, cover your mattress in plastic wrap and fold your mattress in half and use a rope or strap to make sure it’s properly closed.

Step 1: Plan 

Why Don't Mattresses Have Handles

Before you carry or move a mattress, you need to plan out everything before you start the process because you will need some things for this process.

Plan where you want to move your mattress because you don’t want to plan when you have a heavy mattress on your shoulder.

Step 2: Keep Your Back Straight & Lift With Your Legs

So once you decided where you want to move your mattress then now it’s time for you to carry your mattress.

Lifting with your legs can help you carry more weight.

And always keep your back straight while lifting your mattress otherwise injuries can happen.

Step 3: Get Help From Another Person

If the mattress is too heavy then don’t be a superman.

Get help from another person when moving or carrying your mattress.

Coordinate your partner correctly when moving your mattress and tell your partner the location before you carry your mattress.

Remove everything from the way and then carry and move your mattress.

Final Words

Modern mattresses are not double-sided mattresses so you don’t need to flip your mattress.

But mattresses with handles were pretty common in past.

Because in past, mattresses were double sided so having a mattress handle can be easy for them to flip or move the mattress.

But nowadays modern mattresses don’t have handles which brings a question, how to carry a mattress without handles?

Because flipping a mattress is out of the question but what if you want to carry your mattress from one location to another?

You can use ratchet straps and plastic covers to cover your mattress, fold it, and use a rope to close your mattress completely and with the help of another person you can move the mattress.

So it’s not hard to carry or move your mattress without handles.

If you have any questions regarding mattress handles then you can ask them in the comment section of this article.